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How Having A Prenuptial Agreement Can Benefit People You Care About

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Many couples shy away from creating a prenuptial agreement. They may insist that it puts a damper on their romance or reveals one of the partner’s reluctance to making a life time commitment. They may also see it as unnecessary due to a lack of property or assets, or owing to their willingness to… Read More »


Approaching Your Partner About A Prenuptial Agreement

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Bringing up the idea of a prenuptial agreement with your fiancé may be something you have been putting off or dreading. At the same time, it is an important step for the both of you to take as a couple, and one that can help get your marriage started on the right financial footing…. Read More »


Three Important Reasons To Consider A Prenuptial Agreement

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

If you got engaged over the holidays, the new year will likely be filled with arranging dates and making wedding plans. Amidst all the fun and planning, it is important not to neglect practical considerations, which include talking frankly about financial matters. Developing a prenuptial agreement provides a perfect framework for these discussions. While… Read More »


Three Reasons To Consider A Postnuptial Agreement

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

For many engaged couples and newlyweds, the idea of marriage is tied up in romantic notions of living happily ever after with the love of your life. While this may be true to some extent, the realities of day-to-day life make maintaining a healthy, successful union more of a partnership, with each party agreeing… Read More »

Finances and Your Divorce

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Given the high divorce rate and the fact that women tend to live longer than men, on average, it is no surprise that most women are completely on their own with respect to their finances for at least one-third of their adult lives. Statistics from the Women’s Institute for Financial Education show that as… Read More »

More Couples Seek Prenuptial Agreements Prior to Marriage

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

A recent news article reports that more and more couples are preparing for their wedding by first consulting a lawyer. The reason behind these law office visits? Prenuptial agreements. An increasing number of couples are seeking to enter into prenuptial agreements these days before diving into marriage, perhaps due to larger public awareness of… Read More »

Caution: Warnings for Older Couples Who Getting Divorced

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

A recent high-profile West Palm Beach divorce case finally ended recently after a protracted battle that involved an appeal and 11 related, but separate, legal actions. In the case of Zelman v. Zelman, millions of dollars were at stake between Martin Zelman, a 87-year-old Long Island businessman who has slipped into dementia over the… Read More »

Prenups More Popular Than Ever

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Although marriage rates generally have decreased nationwide, those who do choose to tie the knot are increasingly making a stop at the lawyer’s office before the wedding festivities occur. According to a recent news article, a 2015 study found that more couples than ever are seeking to enter into prenuptial agreements prior to their… Read More »

Florida Supreme Court Approves Broad Reading of Prenuptial Agreement

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

An increasing number of couples are entering into prenuptial agreements prior to marriage. While some of these agreements specifically outline how property will get divided if the parties divorce, many prenuptial agreements are very broad in nature. In a decision dated September 10, 2015, the Florida Supreme Court departed from its previous rulings, in… Read More »

Can a Mentally Incapacitated Person Obtain a Divorce?

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

A recent case addresses the mental capacity necessary for filing a divorce action in the state of Florida. The details sound like a soap opera plot, complete with million dollar estates and controversial prenuptial agreements. At its center is a Florida family statute that has never been analyzed under these particular circumstances. The Case… Read More »