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Four Most Common Reasons For Getting a Divorce


Every marriage is as unique as the people involved. In the same way, each couple’s reasons for getting a divorce are different. There are, however, some universal issues that spell trouble for a marriage. These often end up being factors when deciding whether to get a divorce.  The following are the four most common.

Why Do People Get a Divorce? 

At the time you said ‘I do’, you probably envisioned yourself growing old with your partner.

Unfortunately, problems can arise in even the closest relationship to derail your plans. Making the decision to get a divorce is not easy, but neither is living in an unhappy marriage. What are the most common reasons that push couples to get a divorce?  According to Psychology Today, studies show that the following are the four most frequent factors:

  1. Infidelity

Adultery is one of the divorce grounds listed under the Florida Statutes. Regardless of whether it was a one-night stand, a long term affair or even an emotional entanglement with a coworker or someone online, the effect it can have on a marriage is often devastating.

If the guilty spouse regrets their behavior, going to counseling can help salvage the relationship. However, before reconciling, it is a good idea to get a postnuptial agreement. Similar to a prenup, this can lay ground rules for the relationship moving forward and protects your financial interests in the event your partner cheats again.

  1. Drinking or Drug Use

Habitual drunkness or drug abuse can wreak havoc on your marriage. Your spouse’s behavior may have caused you to suffer public humiliation while ruining any financial security you hoped to achieve. If your partner acknowledges the problem and agrees to get help, the marriage may be salvageable. Unfortunately, it can take a long time to restore trust and the chances for relapse are high. This is another situation in which a postnuptial agreement is in your best interests.

  1. Basic Incompatibility

Prior to marriage, it is easy to get swept up in the romance of your relationship and the idea of a big wedding. In some cases, financial needs or an unplanned pregnancy may have spurred your decision. Unfortunately, this often creates problems later.

Even if you had a long courtship, incompatibility can become an issue. This often comes to light when making decisions about money, lifestyles, and children. A prenuptial agreement can help address these issues beforehand, preventing you from making a major mistake.

  1. Growing Apart

Growing apart can happen when couples marry young or go through major changes over the years. As their outlook on life or their hobbies and interests change, it creates conflicts within the relationship with their spouse. This is one of the most common causes of divorce among older adults.

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