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SupportPay App Helps Divorced Parents Share Costs for Child

In many cases, divorced parents must deal with financial issues regarding their children for many years after their divorce becomes final. Expenses like private school tuition, book fees, and extracurricular activity uniforms and gear only seem to grow as a child grows, and parents often are unprepared to deal with costs that aren’t specifically outlined in their court order. Financial issues tend to make an already difficult relationship between parents even more stressful, which, in turn, can have adverse effects on their children. Fortunately, one entrepreneur has come up with an app that may help parents through the worst of these financial difficulties.

How SupportPay Works

Rather than sending bills back and forth or trading insults via telephone or e-mail, a parent with an outstanding bill related to the child can simply upload a receipt and send the other parent a bill. There doesn’t have to be any communication between the parents at all, which can help calm any disagreements and prevent children from seeing their parents continue to argue over money. The app can even automatically manage child support payments using PayPal.

Helping Parents Resolve Financial Issues

More importantly, SupportPay is designed to help parents resolve financial disputes by working through the reasons behind certain expenses. For instance, suppose that a couple’s divorce agreement splits the costs of extracurricular activities between them. Mother then sends Father a receipt showing that she has paid $1,500 for two weeks of summer gymnastics camp. Father finds this expense unnecessary and expensive, so he can use the dispute option in the app to object. Mother then can respond and explain the reasoning behind the expense, or why she chose such an expensive camp. The overall goal of this process is to resolve financial matters between parents without having to resort to the court system for the division of every expense. It also can alleviate a great deal of frustration when divorced parents are simply unable to communicate in a productive manner.

SupportPay Has Become an Effective Option for Many Parents

In January 2016, SupportPay boasted 36,000 parent users, a number that has tripled since March, 2015. The California-based corporation expects parents to send a total of $900 million through the platform this year alone. There are different options available to parents using the app, including a basic free option, a premium version, and a legal version, all of which have different benefits and costs, such as the ability to store receipts and payments or transmit information to a party’s attorney. Some parents even use the app solely to share information about their children in an organized and centralized manner.

Contact a Florida Divorce Lawyer For Help

In some cases, conflicts between ex-spouses do not end the moment that they finalize their divorce, particularly if they share children. Ongoing issues with child support and other payments that are stated in the parties’ divorce settlement can cause parents to constantly resort to the court system for help. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid litigation and still resolve financial disputes between parents. An experienced Florida divorce attorney can help you explore your options for the resolution of child-related financial issues and decide upon the appropriate option. Contact Vanessa L. Prieto Law Offices, LLC, today, and learn how you can benefit from legal representation in your family law matter.

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