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Controlling Behavior A Warning Sign Of Domestic Violence In Fort Lauderdale


Domestic violence remains an unfortunately dangerous and frequent problem in Fort Lauderdale. Part of what makes these situations so confusing and complex, both for victims and their loved ones, is that the symptoms are often subtle. Our Fort Lauderdale domestic violence attorney explains how controlling behavior is one of the most common warning signs.

Coercive Control: How Abusers Get The Upper Hand In Relationships

Abusive situations often begin slowly and escalate over a period of time. Domestic violence typically centers on manipulation and maintaining control of the victim. Coercive, controlling behavior is often the first warning sign.

Healthline advises that coercive control is a common strategy among abusers, in which they use oppression, fear, and domination to get the upper hand in a relationship. Coercive control is reported by the vast majority of people who eventually seek help for domestic violence. Common tactics often include:

  • Isolating the victim from family and friends;
  • Invading their privacy and monitoring all facets of their daily activities;
  • Prohibiting them from doing things on their own;
  • Restricting their access to money or other resources;
  • Controlling how they dress, who they talk to, and flying into fits of jealousy;
  • Pressuring for sex or making inappropriate comments;
  • Making threats against the victim, other family members, or pets;
  • Name-calling and put downs;
  • Gaslighting, which involves denying obvious facts for the purpose of making the victim doubt themselves, their intellectual abilities, or their mental health.

Protecting Yourself Against Domestic Violence In Fort Lauderdale

Attempting to control a romantic partner is a common symptom of abusive relationships, but one that can easily get overlooked. Technically, it is not even classified as domestic violence. Under the Florida Statutes, the situation must involve some type of physical act, such as punching or pushing, making terroristic threats, or stalking and harassment to be considered a crime.

Make no mistake though-coercive behavior is abusive and there is a strong likelihood it will progress to other types of domestic violence over time. It is important to take steps now to protect yourself. These include:

  • Seek counseling and support through local domestic violence groups;
  • Consider whether you have a friend or family member you feel comfortable discussing the situation with;
  • Have an emergency plan in place, just in case controlling behavior does become physically abusive;
  • Keep a journal detailing all incidents and report any type of threat to local law enforcement immediately;
  • Contact our Fort Lauderdale domestic violence attorney to discuss your legal options, such as filing for divorce or having a restraining order put in place.

Request A Confidential Consultation With Our Fort Lauderdale Domestic Violence Attorney Today

If your partner is exhibiting controlling behavior, it is important to act quickly to protect yourself. To help ensure your safety in the event the situation escalates, reach out to Fort Lauderdale domestic violence attorney Vanessa L. Prieto. We provide the caring support you need and can advise you on your legal options. To request a confidential consultation, call or contact us online today.




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