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Balancing Work And Personal Life While Co-Parenting In Fort Lauderdale


Being a divorced or single parent can create unique challenges. The top priority is making sure your child has all the time and attention they need to thrive. However, building your career and having a fulfilling social life is important as well. Our Fort Lauderdale child time-sharing lawyer offers tips for maintaining a healthy balance and explains how your parenting plan can help.

Balancing Parental Responsibilities When Making Fort Lauderdale Child Time-Sharing Arrangements

Under the Florida Statutes, co-parenting is generally encouraged in cases of divorce or single parents. This helps ensure both parties remain active and involved in the child’s life. Parenting plans are created based on the specific circumstances and factor in the needs of both parents while also protecting the safety and best interests of the child.

When creating a parenting plan in Fort Lauderdale, you will need to determine how parental rights and responsibilities are divided between you and the other parent. Plans you make now can play a major role in maintaining the proper work/life balance in the months and years to come. Those plans should include:

  • Details regarding the amount of time the child spends in each parent’s home during the week;
  • Plans for alternating weekend sleepovers;
  • Arrangements for special occasions and holidays;
  • Extended visits during school breaks;
  • Transportation arrangements;
  • Legal authority in making decisions that impact the child, such as regarding their medical care and religious upbringing.

Making Time For Work And A Social Life

As a parent, you likely enjoy being able to spend large amounts of time with your children in addition to the hours you spend working and providing for their needs. This can leave you little time for yourself or a social life. While this may have worked while you were married or living with the other parent, remain open to other arrangements now that you are on your own.

It is important to have time to devote to your career and to spend time with friends and potential romantic partners. Arrangements made through your Florida parenting plan can help ensure this happens. Ideally, it should divide parental responsibilities, taking into account work hours and other obligations. The following tips can help in maintaining a healthy balance:

  • Do what you can to work with your former partner in implementing a parenting plan;
  • Have alternative arrangements in place for when unexpected situations arise;
  • Include stipulations for resolving any differences that arise as part of your parenting plan;
  • Make time for self-care a priority as well, and avoid placing the bulk of responsibility on yourself;
  • If the other parent frequently cancels or is late, talk with our Fort Lauderdale child time-sharing lawyer about possible modifications.

Request A Consultation With Our Fort Lauderdale Child Time-Sharing Lawyer Today

Fort Lauderdale child time-sharing lawyer Vanessa L. Prieto has extensive experience helping divorced and single parents create parenting plans that allow them to maintain a healthy balance in their work and social lives. To discuss your options, call or contact us online and request a consultation today.




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