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How Remarriage Can Impact Your Divorce Settlement

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

In the immediate aftermath of a divorce, you may have a hard time imagining the idea of ever trusting your heart to someone again. However, time does heal the wounds that are inflicted over the course of an unhappy marriage. At some point you will want to begin dating again and may even find… Read More »


Ready to Begin Dating After Divorce?

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Going through a divorce is challenging emotionally and financially. Issues that occurred during your marriage and in divorce proceedings may have left you feeling hurt, angry, and resentful. Meanwhile, having to reenter the workforce or adapting to living on one income rather than two may have dramatically changed your lifestyle. Despite how it feels… Read More »


Protecting Your Child As a Single Parent

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Being a single parent provides special rewards but it can also present numerous challenges. As the sole caretaker of your child, it is important to take the steps needed to protect them in the event anything happens to you. Establishing paternity is an important first step, as well as ensuring you have the proper… Read More »


Common Causes of Marital Problems and How They Can Impact Divorce Settlements

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

When a couple is going through difficult times in their relationship, there can be a number of underlying causes. In some cases, it may be a sudden event that rocked your marriage and made you consider filing for divorce. In others, it is more subtle issues that may have been steadily accumulating over the… Read More »


Five Stages of Grief During Divorce

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Even when getting a divorce is something you know is in your best interests, you can still find yourself experiencing complicated and unexpected during divorce proceedings. It is natural to feel a sense of loss over your broken marriage, the lifestyle you built with your partner, and the impact it is likely to have… Read More »


The Difference Between a Divorce and Annulment

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Marriages break up for a variety of different reasons. A divorce allows you to legally terminate the bonds you entered into on your wedding day. An annulment is an entirely different matter. Rather than terminating your marriage, it is the equivalent of declaring that it never occurred for legal purposes. Find out about the… Read More »


My Spouse Just Asked for a Divorce

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Finding out that your spouse wants a divorce can come as a shock. Even if you were having trouble in your relationship, you may have thought it was something you both were dealing with or trying to work through. While you may be reeling emotionally from the news, there are practical matters to consider…. Read More »


Legal Documents Needed in a Florida Divorce

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Getting a divorce is a complicated process and there are often numerous issues that must be resolved before your divorce becomes final. Even in less complex cases, it is important to have an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney on your side to ensure the proper procedures are followed. One of the most confusing aspects… Read More »


Three Important Issues in Same Sex Divorce

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Whether you are a heterosexual couple or members of the LGBTQ community, the process for getting a divorce in Florida is the same. However, changes in attitudes and the laws governing same sex marriage over the years can have a major impact on your case. Issues That Impact Same Sex Couples In Florida Divorce… Read More »


Five Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Going through the break up of a marriage is a complex process. There are numerous issues that must be resolved, which have the potential to impact you both now and in the years to come. Having an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney on your side helps reduce the likelihood that time consuming and potentially… Read More »