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Updating Important Documents during a Divorce

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Going through a marital separation and making the decision to file for a divorce involves changes that will affect you now and in the years to come. While you may have previously relied on your partner to handle the situation in the event anything happened to you, the change in your relationship will likely… Read More »


Challenging a Prenuptial Agreement

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

In the event of a divorce or the death of one of the spouses, a prenuptial agreement specifies how property and assets are to be divided. As a legal document, a prenup can be useful in protecting the financial security of other family members and preserving the rights of certain beneficiaries, such as children… Read More »


High Asset Divorce Cases

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

High asset divorces often end up making national headlines, where they shock the general public with the amounts of money and property at stake. You do not have to be famous to be impacted by the issues surrounding these types of divorce cases. Anytime a couple has high earnings, multiple homes, and high value… Read More »


Starting the New Year After a Divorce

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Going through a divorce at any time of the year is emotionally and financially challenging. Disruptions in your normal routines, changes in family traditions, and awkward exchanges with loved ones can easily leave you feeling discouraged. The good news is that a new year allows you to make some fresh resolutions for your life… Read More »


What Happens if Your Spouse Refuses to Agree to a Divorce

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

For separated couples, being able to reach mutual agreements regarding a divorce makes the entire process easier, quicker, and less expensive. In contested cases, a spouse who is unwilling to negotiate with you over marital property division, parenting plans, and alimony or child support can drag out your divorce proceedings, necessitating additional meetings with… Read More »


When to Appeal a Family Court Decision

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Cases dealt with in the Florida family courts often concern sensitive issues that have the potential to impact the lives of all involved in dramatic ways. After having spent the time and money it takes to assert your rights in a family law case, such as a divorce or child time-sharing dispute, getting a… Read More »


What Children Want Their Parents to Know About Divorce

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

It is natural for any couple going through a divorce or separation to have serious concerns about the impacts it could have on their children. In many cases, having parents who live apart from one another while participating in child time-sharing arrangements is far preferable than living in a home where fighting between spouses… Read More »


Including Health Care in Child Support Agreements

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Between immunizations, sports physicals, and the frequent cold and flu bugs that children are exposed to at school or daycare, having a solid health care plan in place to cover medical costs for them is a necessity. If you are raising a child as a single parent, either due to a divorce or other… Read More »


Dividing Business Assets During a Divorce

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Marital property division is an important issue in any Florida divorce case. Decisions you make during this process have the potential to impact your financial security for years to come. This is particularly true when there are business assets involved. Whether it is a family business you have owned since before your marriage or… Read More »


When to Contact a Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Going through a divorce is likely to be one of the most stressful and painful times of your life. Even if the decision to end your marriage was mutual, there are still important issues and potentially contentious court hearings which must be dealt with. In these situations, having an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer… Read More »