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When to Make a Postnuptial Agreement and What to Include

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Prenuptial agreements are entered into by couples prior to marriage and detail rights to property and assets in the event they get a divorce. A postnuptial agreement is similar, except it is created after you make your vows. The following details some of the common reasons for creating this type of legal document and… Read More »


Child Support Complications Due To COVID-19

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Child support in Fort Lauderdale helps to ensure your child has what they need. Getting a court order for child support helps to ensure this financial obligation gets paid. Unfortunately, some parents still refuse to pay while others suffer job losses or other issues that impact their ability. This has become increasingly common during… Read More »


Five Signs Your Parenting Plan Is Stressing Your Child

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

When making child time-sharing arrangements in Fort Lauderdale, parenting plans address the practical details involved. Created by you and your former partner and approved by the judge in your case, it will dictate the amount of time your child spends in each parent’s home during the week and rights regarding weekends, holidays, and other… Read More »


Verbal Abuse: Protecting Yourself Against This Common Type Of Domestic Violence

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

It is not uncommon for couples to occasionally say things in the heat of an argument that they wish they could take back later. Unfortunately, hurtful comments, put-downs, and other remarks often leave lasting scars. If it begins to happen regularly, you may need to take action to protect yourself. Verbal abuse is a… Read More »


What Are The Top Causes Of Divorce?

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

All married couples go through hard times occasionally. While some come out the other side even stronger in their relationship, others end up filing for divorce. In these types of cases, there are often underlying factors that make reconciling more difficult, if not impossible. Our experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney details seven of the… Read More »


Child Support and Unemployment

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Despite ongoing concerns over COVID-19, Florida is slowly beginning to bounce back financially. While plenty of businesses have reopened throughout the Fort Lauderdale area, there are still many that remain closed on either a temporary or permanent basis. High unemployment numbers take a heavy toll on families. At a time when child support payments… Read More »


Five Tips To Make Child Time Sharing Work For Unmarried Couples

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Parents who are no longer romantically involved with one another still have rights and responsibilities when it comes to raising any children from their relationship. Parenting plans allow each party to remain active and involved in the child’ life, but implementing these plans can prove challenging. There are often unique hurdles that single parents… Read More »


What Are The First Signs Of Divorce?

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

For married couples, keeping up with work or school schedules and the daily routines around your home can easily distract from potential problems in the relationship. It is not uncommon for one of the spouses to downplay the seriousness of the situation and to be shocked when their partner files for divorce. Being aware… Read More »


Impacts Of Domestic Violence Make It Harder To Leave The Relationship

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Friends and family members of people in abusive relationships are often puzzled by the question, “Why don’t they leave?”. While they may be well-meaning in their concern, this question often serves to put at least some of the blame on the victim and fails to acknowledge the very real impacts domestic violence has on… Read More »


Five Passive-Aggressive Tactics Your Spouse May Use To Delay Your Divorce

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Going through a divorce does not have to be a long drawn out process. A final divorce order can be granted by a judge in as little as a few months. Unfortunately, there are things a reluctant spouse can do to delay your divorce proceedings, preventing you from moving on with your life. The… Read More »