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Divorce Costs: The Three Most Expensive Components

If you are considering filing for divorce, the question of how much it will cost is probably at the forefront of your mind. At Vanessa L. Prieto Law Offices LLC, our attorneys are well experienced at gauging the cost of divorce and protecting the rights of hetero and same-sex couples in Florida. As far as questions regarding the costs of divorce, our most honest answer is this: less money and more intangibles than you predicted. This is the first of four blog installments that discuss the true costs of divorce.

The cost of divorce has three components

Many clients come into our Fort Lauderdale offices thinking the most costly part of their divorce will be attorney’s fees. This is not necessarily true. Actually, there are three parts to the cost of a divorce. Ranked from most costly to least, these are:

  1. Emotional trauma to all involved
  2. Property distribution
  3. Attorney fees

Emotional trauma

Though the trauma of divorce to spouses, children and extended family and friends cannot be measured in dollars and cents, it is no less a real cost. Both sides will shed tears over the split, with the spouses and children most affected. As a Fort Lauderdale domestic partnership attorney, my experience is that blood relatives stick together, creating a gulf between the two families that may never be restored.

Divorce is also a quantitative undertaking. If you want to put a price on the trauma of divorce, begin with the psychotherapists. Both spouses may require professional counseling, and so may the children — and, perhaps, the court may order specific counseling for them. Courts often order that kids be evaluated by a licensed therapist or child psychologist with specific experience in divorce cases.

Work-related costs

Chances are that you will require time away from work to deal with your divorce. There will be hearings, negotiations, court appearances and mandated parenting time. Even when you are at work, there will be times when your productivity is not 100% due to what is going on in your personal life.

For some spouses, the stress of divorce becomes so great that they turn to alcohol, drugs and other outlets. Addiction counseling and rehab are both hard-dollar costs, as is the impact on your work.

Contact a law firm experienced in reducing the high costs of divorce

While divorce is expensive, both in monetary and emotional terms, persevering in a failed marriage can be even more costly. Vanessa L. Prieto Law Offices LLC is fully equipped to protect your best interests every step of the way during your divorce. Call our Fort Lauderdale office today at 954.687.9143.

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