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Five Common Questions About Child Support In Fort Lauderdale

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Child support in Fort Lauderdale plays a crucial role in providing for the children of single parents and those who are getting a divorce. Obtaining a formal child support order through the court is the best way to ensure your child gets the total amount they are entitled to. Our Fort Lauderdale child support lawyer provides the trusted legal guidance you need throughout the process. The following are answers to five common questions we frequently hear from our clients:

  1. How do I get child support in Fort Lauderdale? 

A child support order in Fort Lauderdale can be obtained through the Broward County Family Court. This is typically included as part of divorce proceedings involving parents. Child support may also be awarded in cases involving unmarried couples after paternity has been established.

  1. How much child support will I receive? 

The Florida Statutes provide firm guidelines for child support, including when it is warranted and the amount that must be paid. Each case is different and the amount you are entitled to will depend on the circumstances surrounding your case.

However, facts a judge will consider in determining child support amounts include each parent’s income and total assets, the amount of time the child spends in each parent’s home, and any specific financial needs the child might have.

  1. Does child support automatically end at 18? 

Under state law, child support in Fort Lauderdale typically ends once the child has reached the age of 18. However, there are exceptions, such as if the child is still in high school, has special needs, or requires ongoing support to go to college.

  1. What happens if I have additional children? 

This is a common question among parents who pay child support in Fort Lauderdale. Having an additional child does not impact your duty to provide support for existing children, but in some cases, it may reduce the overall amount you are required to pay.

  1. How can I make sure the total amount of child support is paid?

One of the benefits of getting a formal child support order in Fort Lauderdale is that it entitles you to take enforcement actions if the total amount is not paid. Child support can be enforced through the Florida Department of Revenue.

Actions that can be taken against a non-paying parent include wage garnishment, asset seizure, property liens, suspension of their driver’s or professional licenses, and a potential jail sentence.

Get The Trusted Legal Guidance You Need From Our Fort Lauderdale Child Support Lawyer 

Child support is a serious matter and one the courts do not take lightly. Having a formal court order in place provides important protections, helping to ensure the total amount is paid.

As an experienced Fort Lauderdale child support lawyer, Vanessa L. Prieto provides the trusted legal guidance and local representation needed in these cases. To protect yourself and your child’s financial security, contact our office and request a consultation today.





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