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Innovative Ways to Finance Your Divorce

A recent Huffington Post article details the latest trend in funding divorces – crowdfunding. Plumfund, an online crowdfunding platform, which individuals lately have been using to attempt to fund everything from medical bills and funerals to weddings and graduations, has added “divorce” as one of its fundraising options. At last check, there were 216 Plumfund accounts set up under the category of divorce.

How Plumfund Works

Married couple Sara and Josh Margulis created originally created Honeyfund, a honeymoon registry for engaged couples seeking to raise money for their honeymoons. In 2014, the couple appeared on “Shark Tank,” where they were able to secure investment funds from Kevin O’Leary to support Plumfund. They also took the advice of O’Leary and Arianna Huffington to create divorce registries for individuals going through divorces, which would allow their friends and families to offer them financial support for needed expenses throughout the divorce process. According to Plumfund, funding for a divorce may be necessary to pay for items such as new furniture and household items, living expenses, legal costs and attorney’s fees, and more.

Plumfund Joins Other Sites Designed to Streamline Divorce

Plumfund is only one of many sites that are dedicated to easing the pain of divorce, from a financial, emotional, or practical perspective. For instance, Our Family Wizard is a tool that is designed to help parents effectively and efficiently co-parent their children. This app contains a calendar, message board, journal, and information bank, all of which can assist parents in managing their children’s lives, with the goals of both reducing personal interactions between the parents and eliminating the use of the children as messengers between the parents. Squarehub is another app that enables divorced parents to share schedules, coordinate activities, and send photos and messages.

On the other end of the spectrum, Wevorce is a start-up that helps you explore how your personal situation might play out in a divorce. You create a divorce profile, which then results in a personalized roadmap that reportedly will estimate the time, expense, and professionals needed to resolve your divorce. The site alleges that it will help you negotiate the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of divorce, with the help of mediators and other professionals as needed. Wevorce also claims that it will reduce the costs of your divorce substantially, to as much as one-third of the costs of a conventional divorce.

Some apps also have popped up that deal exclusively with child support matters. SupportPay allows parents to manage, track, and pay child support, document children’s expenses, and maintain an accessible history of all payments and expenses. Divorce Log and Our Family Wizard contain child support and expense-tracking mechanisms, as well.

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Even in the best of situations, divorces are rarely easy or uncomplicated. While technological advances can assist you in planning your divorce and effectively co-parenting with your ex, they cannot substitute for the professional advice and counsel of an experienced Florida divorce attorney. Don’t allow your rights to be compromised because you haven’t gotten the advice that you need. Instead, get the skilled legal representation that you need in order to successfully resolve your divorce case. Contact your Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney today at the office of Vanessa Prieto and set up a consultation with us about your divorce case.

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