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Long-Term Marriage? Five Facts About Getting A Divorce In Fort Lauderdale


Ending a marriage involves making some major changes. This is particularly true if you are ending a long-term marriage. In this situation, you need someone acting as a strong legal advocate on your side, ensuring your rights are protected. Our Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer provides caring support and professional legal representation to clients in these cases. The following are five facts about filing a divorce petition through the Broward County Family Court.

  1. You do not need fault grounds to file for a divorce in Fort Lauderdale.

Under the Florida Statutes, a long-term marriage is one lasting 20 years or longer. These marriages end for various reasons. You and your spouse may have grown apart over the years, or one of you may be guilty of affairs or other marital misconduct. When filing a divorce petition in Fort Lauderdale, you do not need to specify reasons or divorce grounds. Instead, the only requirement is that you have irreconcilable interests.

  1. You are entitled to a fair share of all marital property and assets.

If you have been married 20 years or more, you and your spouse may have accumulated significant amounts of property and assets. Anything earned or acquired since your wedding is considered marital property. You are entitled to a fair share of homes, vehicles, household belongings, artwork or antiques, business or other investments, and money in bank accounts.

  1. Marital assets include retirement benefits.

When getting a divorce in Fort Lauderdale after a long-term marriage, you likely have fears about providing for yourself in the future. Your retirement plans may have been closely tied to those of your spouse. Be aware that you may be entitled to a portion of any pension benefits or money in 401K or other accounts. Check with Social Security as well, as you may also be entitled to a portion of these benefits.

  1. You may be entitled to alimony payments, but state laws have changed.

In the past, permanent alimony payments were available in cases where couples divorced after a long-term marriage. However, state laws have changed. Now, these payments are only awarded for a maximum of 50 percent of the length of the marriage. Even with this reduction, alimony can play an important role in helping you recover financially from a divorce in Fort Lauderdale.

  1. Reaching a marital settlement agreement, rather than going to court, can help protect your privacy.

You and your spouse may not be on good terms and you may be ready to battle it out in court. Be aware that divorce involves public proceedings. To protect your privacy, negotiating a settlement is a better option.

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Ending a marriage after spending decades together is difficult emotionally and financially. Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Vanessa L. Prieto provides the caring support and professional legal representation needed to protect your rights. To request a consultation, call or contact our office online today.





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