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Protection From Domestic Violence In Fort Lauderdale When Your Abuser Is A Wealthy Or Otherwise Powerful Person


Domestic violence in Fort Lauderdale happens in all types of families. In some cases, the people involved are wealthy, influential in the community, or otherwise powerful. This can make it more difficult to escape the situation and get the help you need. Our Fort Lauderdale domestic violence lawyer has decades of experience protecting clients in these cases. Find out more about the problems and how to get the help you need.

When Powerful People Are Accused Of Domestic Violence

In February 2024, Sports Illustrated reported that Baltimore Ravens rookie wide-receiver Zay Flowers is under investigation for domestic assault. Flowers, who went to high school in Fort Lauderdale and is widely blamed for ruining his team’s chances of going to the Superbowl, has not been formally charged. Unfortunately, allegations such as this are rampant in the NFL. In some cases, abusers face penalties, but the incidents are quickly forgotten, provided they perform well on the field.

Domestic violence is just as likely among or at the hands of powerful people as it is to anyone else. However, when the alleged abuser is someone famous, wealthy, or otherwise known, it can be harder to get justice. Another example is a case reported by the Palm Beach Post:

  • The son of a wealthy local family, one of the largest producers of sugar in the U.S., was recently arrested for domestic violence in Florida.
  • He allegedly assaulted a female victim, leaving her with serious injuries to her face, head, neck, back, and hands.
  • He is charged with domestic battery by strangulation, robbery, and false imprisonment, along with cocaine possession.
  • This is not the first time he was accused of domestic violence. Charges were filed but eventually dropped in a prior high-profile case.

Getting The Help You Need For Domestic Violence In Florida

Famous, wealthy, or otherwise powerful people are no different than anyone else in the eyes of the law. Under the Florida Statutes, domestic violence is a crime that carries serious penalties. However, when powerful people are involved, it can make it more challenging for the victim. To protect your safety, our Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer recommends the following tips:

  • Report domestic violence to the police immediately;
  • Develop an escape plan for you and your children;
  • Confide in a close friend or family member about what is going on;
  • Get legal help right away.

We can act as a strong advocate on your side, taking actions to protect your safety, such as getting a restraining order, while helping you deal with all the pressure and publicity that often surrounds these cases.

Contact Our Fort Lauderdale Domestic Violence Lawyer Today

At the law office of Vanessa L. Prieto, we protect victims of domestic violence in Fort Lauderdale. To privately discuss your options, call or contact our office online and request a confidential consultation with our experienced Fort Lauderdale domestic violence lawyer today.





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