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Walkaway Wives And Husbands: Warning Signs Of Divorce In Fort Lauderdale


Walkaway wives have been a much-talked-about phenomenon in recent years. It is a scenario in which their spouse thinks all is well in their marriage, only to be surprised by a divorce petition. Walkaway husbands exist as well. Our Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer explains the warning signs and steps you need to take now to protect your rights.

Warning Signs of Walkaway Wife Or Husband Syndrome

Psychology Today reports that two-thirds of all divorces in the United States are filed by women and that their husbands are often shocked and surprised when they get served with a divorce petition. They attribute it to a phenomenon called Walk Away Wife Syndrome.

According to the report, husbands think their wives are happy because they do not complain. Unfortunately, the wife in these cases may have complained frequently years ago. She reached a point where she gave up and, instead, began quietly planning the right time to escape. Depending on the situation, this may have been when the children were grown, she met someone else or achieved a level of financial security.

The term Walk Away Wife Syndrome was coined close to 20 years ago. It is still relevant today but includes the category of Walkaway Husbands as well. Psychology Today states that men are more likely to disconnect from their marriage and contemplate divorce due to a lack of physical intimacy versus communication. However, there are subtle warning signs that both often share:

  • You went through a rough patch months or years ago;
  • Issues brought up at the time were never resolved;
  • Your spouse seems distant and uncommunicative;
  • They do things on their own rather than with you;
  • They keep secrets from you and may be having an affair.

Dealing With A Walkaway Spouse? How To Protect Your Rights In A Fort Lauderdale Divorce

When dealing with marital difficulties, it can be easier to maintain the status quo rather than try to make needed changes. Unfortunately, this can increase the likelihood of getting a divorce in Fort Lauderdale.

In some cases, your spouse may have already put certain actions into play, such as opening their own bank account, transferring property, or filing a divorce petition through the Broward County Family Court. To protect yourself and your rights, take these steps:

  • Make a list of everything you and your spouse own, including real estate, personal items, and money in bank accounts or investments;
  • Make note of any missing property or assets;
  • Make a list of all marital debts;
  • Verify banking information and close joint accounts;
  • Get legal help immediately if you receive any type of summons or other documents.

Contact Our Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer Today

Receiving a Broward County divorce petition may come as a surprise, but looking back, there were likely warning signs. It is important to act now to protect yourself and your rights. Get the caring support and trusted legal guidance you need from Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Vanessa L. Prieto. Contact our office and request a consultation today.




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