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Are You Getting The Amount Of Child Support In Fort Lauderdale That You Are Owed?


Child support plays a major role in making sure children are provided for properly, whether the case involves single parents or in the aftermath of a divorce. Having a child support order issued through the local court helps ensure a reasonable amount is paid and provides options if enforcement actions are needed. Are you getting what you and your children are entitled to in these payments? Our Fort Lauderdale child support lawyer explains some important factors to consider and how to get the total amount you are owed.

Getting The Child Support You Are Entitled To

Under the Florida Statutes, parents have both a moral obligation and a legal duty to provide financially for their children. In cases where a couple is unmarried or going through a divorce, child support is one of the most important issues that must be resolved.

There are strict guidelines the state typically follows that determine the overall amount that must be paid. Factors the court generally considers in these cases include:

  • Each parent’s income and individual assets;
  • The amount of time the child spends in each of their homes;
  • The overall financial needs the child has, in terms of medical care, education, and other costs;
  • Any other financial obligations they owe.

Getting a formal child support order issued through the court is the best way to protect yourself and your child. In addition to ensuring you get the maximum amount you are entitled to by law, it also provides options in terms of enforcement efforts, helping to ensure these payments are promptly made.

When You May Need To Modify Your Child Support Order

If the other parent is behind in making child support payments, refuses to provide the amount ordered, or makes late payments, speak with our Fort Lauderdale child support lawyer. We can guide you in the enforcement options available, including actions taken through the Florida Department of Revenue, such as wage garnishment, asset seizure, and property liens.

If you are wondering whether you are getting the appropriate amount in your order, there are some situations in which child support modifications are needed. This includes:

  • You uncover assets the other party previously hid from the court;
  • They have been making significantly more money since the order was issued;
  • You have had a drastic change in your financial circumstances;
  • There is a change in your child’s overall financial needs.

Discuss Your Options With Our Fort Lauderdale Child Support Lawyer

Child support helps to ensure children are provided for financially in cases of divorced or single parents. Getting a court order put in place helps ensure you get the maximum amount you are entitled to by law. If you are having trouble collecting these payments or are currently receiving less than you require, reach out to the law office of Vanessa L. Prieto. To discuss your options, call or contact our Fort Lauderdale child support lawyer online and request a consultation today.




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