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Dealing With Resentment In A Fort Lauderdale Divorce?


Resentment is a common problem among married couples. It can chip away at your relationship with your spouse and is one of the most challenging marital issues to resolve. Unfortunately, it is also a frequent factor in deciding to get a divorce in Fort Lauderdale. Our Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer has extensive experience handling these types of cases and explains how resentment can impact your divorce proceedings.

Resentment A Common Problem In Fort Lauderdale Divorce Proceedings

Living in an unhappy marriage, having frequent fights with your spouse, and overall not feeling as if your needs are met all provide a breeding ground for resentment. Psychology Today warns that resentment can end up permeating all aspects of your relationship and arousing uncomfortable feelings of anger, shame, sadness, and jealousy.

Ultimately, resentment can make you feel unloved and unappreciated and is a common factor among people seeking a divorce in Fort Lauderdale. At its core, it involves the perception that you have not been treated fairly. Unfortunately, even after you file a divorce petition against your spouse, resentment can impact all aspects of your case. Common ways in which it can cause you to respond:

  • Using the divorce as a means to ‘get even’ with your spouse;
  • Being unreasonable and trying to get more than your fair share in marital property division;
  • Demanding outrageous alimony, or an award that simply is not practical;
  • Refusing to negotiate child time-sharing and other important matters;
  • Thinking unrealistically about how life will be once your divorce is final and not creating a budget or taking other steps to protect your security.

How Resentment Could Impact Your Divorce Case

The breakup of a marriage is never easy and both parties are likely to have hard feelings both during divorce and in the aftermath. However, it is important to address the issue in a healthy way and to keep resentment from sabotaging other areas of your life or your divorce agreement. Ways in which it could negatively impact your case include:

  • Being hostile and refusing to negotiate extends the time it takes to get a divorce, costing you more money in the long rain;
  • Longer, more contentious divorce proceedings cause additional hard feelings, making it even more difficult to recover;
  • When resentment appears as bad behavior in the Broward County Court, it could reflect poorly on you and may impact your final divorce order or settlement;
  • Resentment could cause you to not follow your parenting plan or other court orders, jeopardizing your rights and resulting in potentially serious legal penalties.

Reach Out And Request A Consultation With Our Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Vanessa L. Prieto has extensive experience providing caring support and trusted legal guidance in Florida divorce cases. We understand how resentment can build during your marriage and take steps to keep it from impacting your rights in a divorce. To request a consultation with our Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer, reach out and contact our office today.




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