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Your Rights In Changing A Fort Lauderdale Family Court Order


The new year offers the opportunity to assess your current situation and consider whether any positive changes need to be made. If you got divorced in 2023 or were involved in legal disputes impacting your rights to money, property, or children, you may currently have a court order in place. What if this order is one of the things you would like to change? Our Fort Lauderdale family lawyer explains situations in which making modifications may be an option.

Making Changes To Broward County Family Court Orders

If you have gone through a divorce, paternity and child time-sharing disputes, or other types of legal proceedings in the Broward County Family Court over the past year, you may now have a formal court order in place. It is important to be aware that once this type of order is issued, you are legally required to adhere to it. Not doing so could result in contempt of court charges, carrying serious fines and a potential jail sentence. It can also impact your rights in the matter moving forward.

Once a Broward County Family Court order is issued, it is not easy to make changes. However, it is possible to petition the court and request modifications in certain cases. This may be an option in the following situations:

  • New evidence is available, meaning the court did not have all the facts when the original order was issued.
  • New property and assets are discovered, which were not included as part of your current divorce settlement or child support order.
  • There were legal mistakes made in handling your original case.
  • The other party refuses to follow the existing order or otherwise behaves in a manner that makes your court order impossible or even dangerous to adhere to.

Making Modifications To A Fort Lauderdale Family Court Order

The Florida Statutes protect your rights and outline procedures for divorce and other Fort Lauderdale family court matters. Fortunately, there are provisions that allow you to request modifications to a court order previously issued.

Whether there are fierce disputes between others involved or the circumstances surrounding your situation have simply changed, you may be able to request a modification of previous orders pertaining to the following:

  • Marital property division settlements: If you feel you were treated unfairly in a settlement, you may be able to dispute it.
  • Alimony awards: If you have problems with alimony payments stemming from a previous order, you may need to request modification.
  • Issues with child time-sharing or child support: If you want to move out of town, tweak your parenting plan, or the other parent refuses to comply, we can guide you in seeking the necessary changes.

Speak With Our Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer Today

Not following a Broward County Family Court order can have serious ramifications and can negatively impact your rights in the future. For trusted legal guidance in seeking modifications, request a consultation with Fort Lauderdale family lawyer Vanessa L. Prieto. Call or contact our office online today.




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