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Five Issues to Consider Before You Begin Dating


Beginning the process of dating again represents a milestone after going through the breakup of your marriage and the ensuing divorce. It may have been years or even decades since you enjoyed a movie or a dinner out with someone other than your spouse, and it can help to relieve any loneliness or lack of confidence you may have been feeling since your breakup. Unfortunately, it can also have a negative impact on both your current and future situation, particularly if your divorce has not yet become final.

The Huffington Post recommends considering the potential ramifications before signing up for the latest dating app or allowing well meaning friends to set you up on that blind date. The following are five ways dating before a divorce is final could negatively impact your case:

  1. Divorce Negotiations

In even an uncontested divorce where there are minimal disputes over property and assets, you still need your spouse to work with you in negotiating a final order. Regardless of whether or not you initiated the divorce, if you have begun dating within months of your separation it could antagonize the situation, resulting in potentially time consuming and costly delays.

  1. Property Settlements

Under the Florida Statutes, property is divided on an equitable, but not necessarily even basis. To avoid having to sell things that cannot be divided, such as your home or a business, you may need your partner to concede to signing over their rights. They are less likely to do this if they feel you have disrespected them or the marriage itself by jumping into the dating scene immediately.

  1. Alimony

Adultery is no longer used as a grounds for a divorce in Florida, but it can impact financial matters, such as alimony. If you have begun dating before your divorce is final, your spouse could use this as a means to dispute your entitlement to spousal support.

  1. Child Support and Time Sharing Plans

Issues pertaining to children are among the most hotly contested in divorce proceedings. When making parenting plans and time sharing arrangements, judges look for parents who are willing to put their children’s best interests first. Aside from the fact that introducing another person to your children could cause them distress, it could be viewed unfavorably by the court, impacting the amount of time you are able to spend with your child and the amount of support you are required to pay.

  1. Divorce Recovery

Divorce is a painful process, and it takes some time to adjust to your new circumstances. Rushing into the dating scene may allow you to temporarily avoid some of your painful feelings, but it can also delay actual healing.

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