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Five Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce


Going through the break up of a marriage is a complex process. There are numerous issues that must be resolved, which have the potential to impact you both now and in the years to come. Having an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney on your side helps reduce the likelihood that time consuming and potentially costly mistakes will be made in your divorce case.

Common Divorce Mistakes

A divorce represents an emotional time in your life. At the same time, there are complex rules and regulations that must be followed. The procedures for filing your divorce petition and for resolving important issues in your case are outlined under Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes.

While you may have certain assumptions or strong opinions about how the matter should be handled, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney to protect your rights and to ensure certain items are not overlooked. Once decisions are made and a divorce judgment is entered, it can be extremely difficult if not impossible to go back and make certain changes. Among the most common mistakes clients make in these situations include:

  1. Underestimating Their Spouse

Even in cases where the parties are on good terms, it is important to not underestimate your spouse or the lengths they will go to in protecting themselves and their rights during divorce proceedings. Situations in which problems are most likely to arise involve disputes over the division of marital property and rights regarding children.

  1. Losing Track of Property or Money

As soon as marital problems escalate and the prospect of divorce becomes more of a reality in your mind, it is important to do an inventory of all marital property and assets you possess. Forbes warns that it is not uncommon for spouses to attempt to hide or destroy assets to avoid having to divide them in divorce proceedings.

  1. Not Addressing Marital Debts

Decisions made during your divorce can impact your future financial security. In addition to getting your fair share of marital property, you want to avoid being burdened by marital debts. Make every attempt to deal with joint accounts before a final order is issued.

  1. Not Bringing Up Marital Misconduct

While behaviors such as affairs or addictions are not considered ‘grounds’ for divorce anymore, they can impact your rights in marital property settlements. Bring these types of issues to your attorney’s attention before your divorce petition is filed.

  1. Attempting To Negotiate Settlements On Your Own

As an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney, Vanessa L. Prieto has years of experience  in the laws governing divorce cases and in negotiating marital agreements with other attorneys. Attempting to navigate this situation on your own could put your rights in jeopardy.

Reach Out to Us Today for Professional Assistance

When going through a divorce, you need someone on your side, looking out for your best interests. Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Vanessa L. Prieto can help ensure you are protected. Call or contact our office online to request a consultation today.




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