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Situations Where Parents Surrender Certain Rights


Being a parent is one of the toughest, most demanding jobs. Your top priority is making sure your child is safe and that their best interests are protected. As a result, there may be some situations where to accomplish these goals, you feel it necessary to surrender certain rights to others, such as the other parent or a family member. However, you should approach this with caution as doing so can have major impacts, both now and in future child time sharing proceedings.

Three Common Reasons Parents May Surrender Certain Rights

Regardless of whether parents are single, married, or going through divorce, you still have certain rights when it comes to your child. Under the Florida Statutes, courts generally encourage both parents to play an active role in their child’s life, providing the required financial support and engaging in frequent visits. However, there are situations where a parent may feel it is in the child’s best interests to surrender their rights to the child to the other parent or a family member. Common reasons for this generally involve the following:

  1. The parent is experiencing an injury or illness. If you are recuperating from a serious injury or dealing with a medical illness, you may be unable to provide for your child’s daily needs. This can also occur if you are struggling with an addiction or seeking treatment for a mental health issue.
  2. Their job or career requires them to travel on an extended basis. This is a common problem for people in the military, who may go off for long periods of deployment. It can also happen with job relocations or when travel is required as a part of your position.
  3. They are experiencing legal problems. Problems with the law may require you to complete a jail sentence or may cause the Florida Department of Children and Families Services to get involved in your case.

In any of the above situations, it is important to take steps to protect both your child and your future rights as a parent. Make sure the child is in the hands of a loving, supportive family member and that there is an understanding that the arrangement is only temporary.

Surrendering Rights In Parenting Plans

Even if none of the above are an issue, it is not uncommon for parents to inadvertently surrender certain rights when creating a Florida parenting plan. This often applies in matters such as:

  • The amount of time the child spends in you or the other parent’s home;
  • Attendance at school functions;
  • Legal rights in making regarding the child;
  • Arrangements regarding pick-up or drop-off times;
  • Time spent together over holidays or vacation periods.

In many cases, parents fail to see the long ranging impacts that could result from certain concessions they make.

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