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How Can Alimony Help You Re-Enter the Workforce After Divorce?


Divorce involves major changes in your lifestyle. This is particularly true if your spouse made significantly more than you or if you left the workforce in support of them or to care for children of the marriage. In these situations, alimony can provide you with the fresh start you need. Find out if you might be entitled to these payments as part of your divorce settlement.

Are You Entitled to Alimony?

For some couples, it makes sense for one spouse to stay home or work reduced hours once they get married. In addition to supporting your partner in their career or providing for any children you have together, there are plenty of important tasks a stay at home partner can perform to make life easier for all involved. Unfortunately, gaps in employment can have major impacts on you in the event of a divorce.

Alimony can help protect your financial security in this situation. Under Section 61.08 of the Florida Statutes, alimony may be ordered in cases where one partner’s income is significantly more than the other or when a spouse has sacrificed their own career or educational goals for the sake of the marriage. Common types of alimony a judge may order include:

  • Bridge the gap alimony, which helps you make the adjustment from being married to living on your own;
  • Rehabilitative alimony, which helps you get the experience, skills, or education needed to re-enter the workforce;
  • Durational alimony, which is awarded for a certain time, such as while you are raising young children.

Other factors a judge is likely to consider in awarding alimony include your age, overall health, the amount of time you were married, and the lifestyle you and your spouse enjoyed during your time together.

Going Back to Work After a Divorce

Re-entering the workforce can be intimidating if you have been away from it for a while. Unless you have specialized skills which are high in demand, you should expect to spend at least several months searching for a job. Due to the time you may have been out of the workforce, you can also expect to start any position at entry level rates. In these situations, alimony can prove invaluable to re-establishing yourself. Tips to help in planning include:

  • Assess the skills you currently have and whether you need additional training;
  • Research job demand and positions you might qualify for;
  • Create a resume, drawing on previous experience and any practical knowledge you may have gained at home;
  • Calculate whether the income you are likely to make is enough to support yourself.

Forbes recommends considering whether a career change may be in order. Alimony can provide you with the opportunity to choose a job field that better reflects your current interests and suits your lifestyle.

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