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Five Factors That Impact Your Rights To Alimony In Fort Lauderdale


Florida alimony laws underwent dramatic revisions when Senate Bill 1416 was passed in 2023. It completely eliminated permanent alimony and tightened the criteria for awarding other types of alimony payments. If you are going through a divorce, our Fort Lauderdale alimony lawyer wants you to be aware of these changes and five factors that could impact your rights.

Factors That Influence Whether Alimony Is Awarded In Your Fort Lauderdale Divorce

Numerous important issues must be addressed during a Fort Lauderdale divorce that could potentially impact your financial security in the aftermath. In addition to the equitable division of all marital property and assets and child support payments for parents, this includes whether alimony should be awarded.

The Florida Statutes provide guidelines for alimony payments, which have undergone drastic revisions over the past year. Under the new state law, the following are five factors that impact your rights to alimony in Fort Lauderdale:

  1. The length of your marriage.

The amount of time you were married matters in determining your right to alimony and the length of time it is awarded. In short-term marriages, which the law defines as lasting less than seven years, alimony is rarely awarded without a fight.

  1. Your need for alimony.

In the past, you could request alimony to help maintain the same standard of living after a divorce that you enjoyed during your marriage. Today, your right to these payments and the amount awarded is based simply on need. This can have major impacts on high-asset divorce cases in Fort Lauderdale.

  1. Your spouse’s ability to pay.

Your spouse’s income plays a major role in determining the amount of alimony you receive. If they can show low or no income or if they recently retired from the workforce, alimony may not be awarded.

  1. Each party’s contributions to the marriage.

The court looks at each party’s individual contributions to the marriage to determine alimony in a divorce. This includes paid and unpaid services. Sacrificing your career for your marriage or if your spouse depleted assets influences alimony awards.

  1. The circumstances surrounding your divorce.

Marital misconduct on the part of your spouse could work in your favor when it comes to alimony in Fort Lauderdale. However, if you were guilty of affairs or other behaviors, alimony is likely to be denied.

Contact Our Fort Lauderdale Alimony Lawyer

Recent changes in Florida divorce laws could impact your rights to alimony in Fort Lauderdale. To protect yourself, get the knowledgeable, experienced legal representation you need at the law office of Vanessa L. Prieto.

We can review your case, advise you on your rights under Florida’s new alimony laws, and fight to ensure you get the maximum amount you are entitled to in any final divorce settlements or orders. Alimony can make a major difference in your ability to financially recover from divorce. To discuss your options, request a consultation with our Fort Lauderdale alimony lawyer today.




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