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Fort Lauderdale Alimony Modifications: Five Reasons For Requesting An Increase In The Amount You Receive


It takes time to adjust both emotionally and financially to a divorce in Fort Lauderdale. Alimony payments help protect your financial security as you rebuild your life and make a fresh start. Unfortunately, Florida alimony laws have gotten stricter over the past year, dramatically changing how alimony is awarded and the overall amount you may be entitled to. Our Fort Lauderdale alimony lawyer explains some of these changes and your rights in requesting an increase in your alimony payments.

Changes In State Law Reduce Alimony Payments In Fort Lauderdale

In July of 2023, Senate Bill 1416 went into effect, changing a variety of things in the Florida family court. Among those, the bill made major changes to how alimony is awarded. Those most likely to impact your Fort Lauderdale divorce case are:

  • Permanent alimony, awarded for an indefinite period, is completely eliminated;
  • Rehabilitative alimony, allowing you to gain the skills needed to re-enter the workforce, is limited to five years;
  • Bridge the Gap alimony, helping you adjust to being single again, can only be awarded for two years;
  • Durational alimony, awarded for a specific period, is based on the length of the marriage and now cannot be awarded in those lasting under three years.

Recent changes to how alimony is awarded under the Florida Statutes can leave you with significantly less than what you would have otherwise been entitled to. This can have serious impacts on your ability to make a fresh start. Fortunately, there are situations in which you can request alimony modifications in Fort Lauderdale.

Reasons You May Request Modifications in Your Fort Lauderdale Alimony Order

Once a court order is put in place through the Broward County Court, all parties involved are required to follow it. However, there are some limited situations in which you can request modifications. The following are five common reasons that you may be entitled to an additional amount of alimony in Fort Lauderdale:

  1. Hidden assets: If your spouse failed to discuss certain income, property, or other assets during your divorce, this is a valid reason to request alimony modifications.
  2. Changes in income: Changes in your own or your spouse’s income could entitle you to additional alimony payments.
  3. Changes in financial needs: Modifications can be made if you experience a major change in circumstances.
  4. Needing longer to reenter the workplace: Alimony payments can, in some cases, be expanded beyond what the judge originally ordered.
  5. Difficulty adjusting financially to your divorce: You may be entitled to an increase in payment or in the amount of time they are made.

Contact Our Fort Lauderdale Alimony Lawyer Today

Alimony can play a major role in adjusting to divorce and making a fresh start. To get the maximum amount you are entitled to, request a consultation with Fort Lauderdale alimony lawyer Vanessa L. Prieto. Give us a call or contact our office online today.





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