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Getting A Divorce In Fort Lauderdale? How To Keep The Assets That Matter Most To You


Getting a divorce in Fort Lauderdale involves making major changes in every area of your life. One of the most important issues to address is how property and assets are divided. Our Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer explains how Florida law applies and how to identify and keep the marital assets that matter the most to you.

How Marital Property Is Divided In A Fort Lauderdale Divorce

When filing for a divorce in Fort Lauderdale, it is important to be aware of how the rules regarding marital property division apply. Under the Florida Statutes, all marital property and assets must be divided on an equitable basis. This means that rather than an even split, the goal is to reach an agreement that is fair to both parties based on the circumstances involved. The following are property and assets that should be included in divorce negotiations:

  • The family home;
  • Any vacation homes, timeshares, rental properties, or land;
  • Cars, motorcycles, and other types of vehicles;
  • Household belongings, such as furniture, dishware, and appliances;
  • Collectibles, such as guns, artwork, or antiques;
  • Personal items, including jewelry and furs;
  • Boats, campers, and other recreational items;
  • Shares in businesses;
  • Digital assets, including websites, virtual storefronts, and cryptocurrency;
  • Money in checking and savings accounts;
  • Investments;
  • Pensions and other retirement accounts;

Family pets are also included as they are considered ‘property’ and subject to equitable division in your Fort Lauderdale divorce.

Getting The Items That Matter Most In Your Fort Lauderdale Divorce Settlement

When filing for a divorce through the Broward County Court, you need to provide a complete inventory of all marital assets. The above list can help you in this process. In terms of property division, you may negotiate a settlement with your former partner or have a judge decide. Negotiation agreements are generally preferred, as they allow for more customized arrangements.

Looking at the above list, think about what matters most to you. Before attempting to negotiate any settlements, consider the following:

  • Be aware of the true value of all marital property: In order to negotiate a fair settlement, know the current value of property and assets, projected value in the future, and actual replacement costs.
  • Consider what you might be willing to trade: if you want items that are high dollar and/or emotional value, such as the family home or a favorite pet, consider what you might be willing to trade.
  • Be practical when negotiating a settlement: Consider whether you have the actual time and resources needed to maintain a home, pets, or other property.
  • Remain flexible: Realize that you may not be able to get everything you want in a divorce settlement. Remain flexible and focus on what matters most.

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