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How Dragging Out Your Divorce Hurts Your Children

The decision to seek a divorce is neither easy nor quick for most people; rather, it tends to start slowly and build momentum over months or even years until it gets to the point that divorce is the only remaining option. The inevitable uncertainty and guilt that tends to accompany a divorce can cause it to last much longer than is healthy for you and your spouse, and especially for your children.

Separation Prior to Divorce

Many divorces begin with one spouse leaving the marital home, in which the other spouse will continue to live with the parties’ children. This physical separation is one of the initial steps that couples take toward divorce, and it can be quite traumatic for your children. At this point, you should be sure to clearly explain to your children about this change and what it will mean for them in the future. Children typically also need the comfort and security that a clear understanding of the situation will bring them, as well as the answers to basic questions about spending time with both parents and the possibility of moving to a new home or apartment in the future.

When Doubts Creep In

As highlighted in a recent Huffington Post article, spouses who choose to physically separate often experience feelings of doubt, regret, and guilt soon after the separation occurs. A spouse may be uncertain of his or her feelings, and therefore may hold off on actually filing for divorce or finalizing the divorce until he or she can resolve these feelings. Another spouse may question the decision to separate based on religious reasons, or the parties simply do not have the financial ability to proceed with the divorce. All too often, this period of doubt can last for months or years, leaving your children thoroughly confused and unclear as to the reasons for the separation. For instance, some children may think that their parents eventually will get back together, since they haven’t actually gotten divorced. This can be very distracting and distressing for children in this situation, who may encounter disruptions in sleep, schoolwork, and even having fun. The only effective way to protect your children in this situation is to work through your feelings so that you can decide what to do, and then clearly explain to your children how their lives are going to change, both in the near and distant future.

Call the Florida Divorce Attorneys Who Can Help

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