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New Study Shows that Married and Unmarried Individuals Are Equally Healthy

While previous studies have indicated that divorced and unmarried individuals experience more health problems than married individuals, a new study out of London finds differently. Past studies pointed to loneliness and isolation as adversely affecting the later-life health of the unmarried, and resulting in an earlier death for these individuals.

London Study Finds that Marriage Does Not Result in Better Health

London scientists recently completed a study that followed 10,000 individuals who were born in 1958 in Wales, Scotland, and England. The study consisted of recording each individual’s relationship status at ages 23, 33, 42, and 46. When the individuals reached the ages of 44 to 46, they underwent comprehensive health testing. Almost two-thirds of the men married early and remained married, whereas about 42 percent of the women did the same. Another five to 10 percent of the individuals divorced and later remarried or lived with a partner. About 11 percent of the men and 12 percent of the women neither married nor lived with a partner.

Scientist Expresses Surprise at Study Results

A Medical Xpress interview with Dr. George Ploubidis, one of the scientists who conducted the study, revealed his surprise at the results of the study. He stated simply that those who live together without marrying or who are divorced or separated have similar levels of physical health during middle age to those who are married. Even more surprisingly, men who divorced and did not remarry actually became healthier than their married counterparts. Plus, the study results indicated that marrying and living with a partner seemed to have a similar effect on the parties’ health in middle age.

Health and Relationships – An Inevitable Link

The study also cites previous research showing clear links between health and relationship status. For instance, a partner may positively affect your health behaviors, such as encouraging good exercise habits and providing emotional support. Income, however, seems to play a role in health, which may be the result of unequal access to healthcare. As people in relationships tend to have higher combined incomes than a single person, then they may have more access to healthcare options. In any case, the relationship between one’s health and one’s living situation is inextricably linked.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer for Help

Whether you are married or divorced, this new study shows that you have an equal chance of being healthy. However, your stress level and emotional state do affect your health over the long-term. Don’t allow the stress of a divorce, time-sharing, or custody dispute to result in repercussions for your health. Allow us to take some of the stress away from you by letting your family law attorney handle the legal nuances of your case, while you focus on your personal health and well-being. Consult us today at the office of Vanessa L. Prieto in Florida, and set up an appointment at your convenience to learn how we can provide you with the legal assistance that you need.

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