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New Year’s Resolutions When Going Through A Divorce In Fort Lauderdale


Many people make New Year’s resolutions, in which they vow to engage in healthier behaviors, break bad habits, or set other goals for the future. If you are considering a divorce in Fort Lauderdale, this is likely an uncertain time for your family and you may not feel able to plan too far ahead. Our Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer recommends some simple New Year’s Resolutions that can help you get off to a good start in 2024.

New Year’s Resolutions During A Fort Lauderdale Divorce

Going through the breakup of your marriage and dealing with a divorce may not have been something you anticipated in early 2023. However, acknowledging where you are now and the challenges you face can help you deal with what lies ahead.

Under the Florida Statutes, practical aspects must be addressed in any divorce case. These impact your rights regarding children and ownership of property and assets. Resolutions that can help in successfully resolving these matters include:

  • Make a detailed list of all marital property: Get titles for homes, cars, or other big-ticket items, take stock of all household belongings and personal possessions, along with statements showing the latest balances for credit cards, loans, bank accounts, investments, and any retirement benefits.
  • Determine what is most important to you: In any divorce, you will need to negotiate important matters, including the rights to marital property and assets. Consider what is of primary importance and areas in which you are flexible.
  • Consider plans for children: Be aware that courts generally encourage time-sharing arrangements, so consider what these types of plans might look like in your specific case.
  • Set a realistic budget: Going through a divorce in Fort Lauderdale can wreak havoc with your finances. Create a reasonable budget detailing expenses and what you need to support yourself and your children after your divorce becomes final.

Resolutions To Help Deal With Emotional Conflicts In Divorce 

In addition to the practical issues surrounding a divorce in Fort Lauderdale, there are often heavy emotions involved. Make resolutions now to deal with any personal issues that could impact your well-being and your rights in a settlement. Psychology Today recommends the following:

  • Let go of anger: While you may feel justified in holding onto resentments, they only impede divorce recovery in the long run.
  • Be respectful of your spouse and others involved: Behaving in a hostile manner will reflect poorly on you with the court.
  • Make self-care a priority: Get adequate rest, eat a healthy diet, exercise, and avoid isolating.
  • Make your children’s well-being a top priority: Avoid bad-mouthing the other parent, relaying messages through your children, or other behaviors that could impact their mental health.

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