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Political Or Social Conflicts And Divorce: When Your Spouse’s Views Oppose Yours


No doubt, these are turbulent times we live in. Over the past several years, lines have been drawn politically over a variety of issues. Not only have these divided the nation, but they have impacted relationships between family members.

Many people have relatives they have ‘unfriended’ or unfollowed on social media accounts due to differing political and social views. What happens when these conflicts begin taking a toll on your marriage? Our Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney outlines situations in which seeking a divorce may be the only option.

Do You And Your Spouse Disagree Over Politics Or Social Justice Issues?

When talking about couples who have vastly different opinions when it comes to political matters, the most recent and striking example is Kellyanne and George Conway. Kellyanne was in the national spotlight in her role as advisor to then-President Donald Trump. However, her husband was vehemently opposed to Trump’s political views and actions in office, posting about it repeatedly on social media. Business Insider quotes Mrs. Conway in her new book as saying not only did this make her professional life uncomfortable, but that she felt deeply betrayed in regards to her and her husband’s personal relationship.

Considering their occupations and the fact that both were in the public eye make the Conways an extreme example. However, disputes and disagreements on political or social justice issues can have major impacts on regular couples as well, causing them to doubt their relationship. Among the most recent issues couples are likely to quarrel over include:

  • Support of different political candidates;
  • Race-related issues;
  • Abortion rights;
  • Pandemic-related precautions;
  • Police actions;
  • Gun control;
  • Climate change.

When Political And Social Justice Disagreements Spell Doom For Your Marriage

For as long as there has been a two-party system, there have been disagreements between spouses on who to vote for and how social justice is administered. However, what tears apart many couples today is what they feel political leanings say about someone as an individual and their overall outlook on life.

When it comes to protecting your health, safety, personal liberties, and the nation or planet as a whole, being married to someone with opposing views may be a deal-breaker. Psychology Today advises that if you are considering trying to save your marriage, you should be prepared to do the following:

  • Limit talks about political or social justice issues;
  • Agree to disagree on certain matters;
  • Accept your partner’s position and do not attempt to change their minds;
  • Allow your children to develop their own views, rather than forcing yours on them.

Considering Ending Your Marriage? Contact Our Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney

Only you can decide whether disagreements with your spouse about political and social justice matters warrant ending your marriage. However, Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Vanessa L. Prieto can advise you on the potential ramifications and your individual rights in this situation. To discuss the options available, call or contact our office online and request a consultation.




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