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Prenups More Popular Than Ever

Although marriage rates generally have decreased nationwide, those who do choose to tie the knot are increasingly making a stop at the lawyer’s office before the wedding festivities occur. According to a recent news article, a 2015 study found that more couples than ever are seeking to enter into prenuptial agreements prior to their marriages. Furthermore, prenuptial agreements are no longer solely within the province of the very wealthy; even those couples with modest premarital assets are discussing prenuptial agreements well before the wedding.

Address the Prenup Issue Sooner, Rather Than Later

Some individuals make the mistake of failing to address the possibility of a prenuptial agreement until right before the wedding. Unfortunately, putting this subject off until just before the wedding date may have disastrous consequences. Although some view prenuptial agreements as a “romantic” gesture that proves one person’s love for another, others are quick to exit the engagement when their significant others suddenly want a prenuptial agreement soon before the wedding. As a result, couples are encouraged to thoroughly discuss their respective views of prenups and whether signing one is right for them well prior to the wedding date.

The Potential to Avoid a Costly, Lengthy Divorce

While a prenuptial agreement cannot resolve certain issues that divorcing couples may have, such as child custody and support, it can clarify property and debt issues, as well as alimony. A prenuptial agreement can help both spouses protect separate property or assets that each brings to the marriage. This is likely to simplify matters if the parties later opt to get divorced, although child-related disputes can still make for a costly and lengthy divorce. Nonetheless, resolving as many potential issues beforehand, well before the parties are married, can be essential to resolving a divorce quickly, quietly, and with a minimum of fighting.

Requirements for Florida Prenuptial Agreements

As is the case with most states, Florida law sets forth specific provisions that must be contained in a prenuptial or premarital agreement in order for it to be legally valid. For instance, the agreement must be in writing and must be signed by both parties. Likewise, there are specific requirements necessary for a married couple to amend or revoke their prenuptial agreement. There also are specific grounds, such as fraud or duress, which might cause a court to find a prenuptial agreement to be invalid. In order to ensure that your prenuptial agreement is valid and enforceable under Florida law, you must consult with an experienced Florida divorce attorney.

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