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Problems With Step-Parents: When To Request Parenting Plan Modifications In Fort Lauderdale


Once parents have been divorced or otherwise living apart for years, you might think implementing child time-sharing arrangements in Fort Lauderdale would get easier. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

There are a variety of issues that can crop up, necessitating modifications in your parenting plan. Problems with the other party’s partner are one of the most common. Our Fort Lauderdale child timesharing lawyer protects your rights when a stepparent’s behavior potentially puts your child at risk.

Stepparent Behavior That Can Put Your Child At Risk

In cases where parents are unmarried or going through the process of getting a divorce in Fort Lauderdale, the Florida Statutes generally require child time-sharing arrangements to be put in place. These arrangements determine the amount of time the child spends in each parent’s home, rights to weekends and holidays, and other important matters. Parenting plans are used in making these arrangements and form the basis for a court order. Once this is issued, both parties are required to follow it.

Different types of problems can crop up over the years with a parenting plan. One of the most common concerns is the attitudes and behaviors of stepparents. Ways they could be putting your child at risk include:

  • Treating them less than other children the couple have;
  • Denying them reasonable care and failing to provide for basic needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter;
  • Exposing them to angry, abusive behavior;
  • Exposing them to excessive alcohol and drug use in the home or other types of crimes.

Protect Your Child By Requesting Parenting Plan Modifications In Fort Lauderdale

When approving parenting plans in Fort Lauderdale, one of the primary concerns of the court is ensuring your child’s best interests are protected. In cases where a stepparent may be putting them at risk, you may be entitled to request child time-sharing modifications. The first steps in dealing with this type of difficult and potentially dangerous situation include:

  • Talk to the other parent about your concerns;
  • Document behavior that could put your child at risk;
  • Call the police immediately if you have any concerns about your child being abused, neglected, or otherwise put in jeopardy;
  • Contact our Fort Lauderdale child time-sharing order to discuss your options in requesting modifications. This may include obtaining an emergency order, protecting your child from an abusive stepparent and restricting their access to them.

Request A Consultation With Our Fort Lauderdale Child Time-Sharing Lawyer Today 

Once a parenting plan is put in place in Fort Lauderdale, both parties are legally required to follow it. Failure to do so could impact your parental rights. When problems develop, either with the other parent or a stepparent, it is important to go through legal means to protect your child. Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Vanessa L. Prieto provides the caring support and trusted legal guidance you need in this situation. To discuss your office, call or contact us online and request a consultation today.



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