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Six Common Situations In Marriage That Can Cause A Divorce


Marriages break up for a variety of reasons or even for seemingly no reason at all. When one spouse ends up filing for divorce, the other may wonder what went wrong. In many cases, a look back over the previous months or years provides important clues. The following details six common situations in marriage that may end up being the cause of a divorce

  1. Money problems.

Money is the number one issue couples argue about and is a leading factor in seeking a divorce. According to Business Insider, dissatisfaction over differences in lifestyle or income levels and  having one spouse who engages in reckless spending or racks up large amounts of debt are common problems that can culminate in divorce.

  1. Medical issues.

Health care crises and ongoing medical conditions often contribute to money problems in marriage. They can also be a major factor in the decision to get a divorce. Not being equipped to deal with an extended illness or their caregiving role, resentment over sacrifices they have to make, and fears or uncertainty over what the future might bring are all issues that can end up destroying a marriage.

  1. Troubles with children.

According to a recent study on families, parents have more than 2,000 disagreements with their children each year and can spend as much as 50 minutes each day fighting with each other about child rearing issues. These can range from relatively minor problems, such as not completing chores or disapproval or the way they dress, to more major concerns, such as drug use and underage drinking. Differing viewpoints and constant bickering increase the odds of a divorce.

  1. Unexpected success.

It is not always problems that chip away at a marriage. The success of one of the spouses can change their personality, their behavior, the amount of time they spend at home, and their general outlook on life. It can also arouse jealousy in their partner while causing other problems in the marriage.

  1. Lack of support.

When couples exchange wedding vows, they promise to love and support one another ‘for better or worse’. Serious problems can arise one partner feels that the other does not support them either in their successes or their difficulties. It may even cause them to look outside the marriage to get what they need.

  1. Sexual incompatibility.

Sexual incompatibility in marriage is often the subject of jokes. One partner may teasingly refer to being ‘not in the mood’ a lot or make jokes about having to coax and cajole their partner when it comes to intimacy. However, sexual issues are no laughing matter in marriage and are often cited as a contributing factor in divorce.

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