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Survey Shows Florida Divorce Rate Ranks Among Highest In the Nation


Florida is known for its beaches and amusement parks, a place where the weather is always warm and the fun never ends. Its reputation makes it a mecca for relocating families and retirees, but a new survey ranks the state among the lowest in terms of the overall happiness of residents, and among the highest in terms of divorce. While this survey undoubtedly overlooks aspects of the Sunshine State’s charm and appeal, it may shed some light on some of the troubling issues that plague married couples, eventually causing them to file for divorce.

What Is Behind Florida Divorce Rates?

For WalletHub’s annual list of Happiest States To Live, a panel of experts compares each of the fifty states and the District of Columbia on a broad spectrum of issues, covering topics ranging from employment opportunities and emotional health, to participation in volunteer work and violent crime rates. While Florida ranks at number 35 in terms of total ratings, it ranks third lowest in the nation for having the highest divorce rate, with only D.C. and Nevada rating worse.

In addition to divorce rates, the survey sheds light on other factors that contribute to happiness:

  • In terms of sports and recreation, the amount of sleep residents get and the hours they work, and their overall physical and mental health, Florida comes out about average on the list, doing better than nearby states, such as Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
  • In addition to having a high number of divorces, other comparison points in which the Sunshine state ranks at the bottom of the country include the amount of income earned and unemployment rates.

This could provide some important clues behind Florida’s high divorce rate. While there are numerous factors that contribute to the breakup of a marriage, financial difficulties and disagreements are among those most common on the list.

Florida Divorce and Marriage Facts

What the WalletHub survey fails to factor in is how current figures on divorce in Florida compare to prior years. According to the latest statistics from the Florida Department of Public Health, the divorce rate has shown steady decreases over the last ten years, and is the lowest it has been since the 1980s  At the same time, the number of couples getting married in Florida has continued to climb steadily over the last few decades, and jumped by nearly 20 percent since 2014. This shows that while the overall number of divorces in Florida may be higher than in other areas, the number of couples getting married in the state is higher as well.

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