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Five Ways Establishing Paternity Can Benefit Your Child

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Increasing numbers of mothers and fathers are choosing to raise children without the benefit of marriage, and the majority are every bit as capable of providing the love and emotional support their child needs to thrive as their married counterparts. In some cases, parental responsibilities are shared, with both parents being actively involved in… Read More »

Why Can’t I See My Children By Myself?

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Although the situation is relatively rare, there are divorce cases in which one parent ends up with supervised parenting time or timesharing, which means that the parent cannot see the children without a chaperone or other third party present. There are a variety of reasons as to why a court might limit a parent’s… Read More »

Living Together Outside of Marriage: Legal Pitfalls That You May Face When You Separate

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there has been a 30 percent increase over the last decade in the number of couples who choose to simply live together rather than getting married. A recent Forbes article reports that 8.3 million unmarried couples lived together in 2015. While it doesn’t sound very romantic to prepare… Read More »

Adoption Subsidy Does Not Replace Parent’s Child Support Obligation

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

A recent appellate opinion by the 5th District Court of Appeal discussed the impact of an adoption subsidy on a parent’s child support obligation. In the case of Tluzek v. Tluzek, the Circuit Court for Seminole County ruled that any adoption subsidy ruled that any child support obligation owed by Father should be offset… Read More »

Can I Move to Another City or State if I Have Custody of My Children?

By Vanessa L. Prieto |

Many people move to the state of Florida from other locations, perhaps seeking a warmer climate or more laid-back way of life. However, these same people often leave family and friends in other cities or states, to whom they wish to return at some point. A new job prospect or a new relationship might… Read More »