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The Benefits of Separating Finances and Children in Your Divorce

In a recent Huffington Post article, a writer reflects on her ongoing divorce and how she and her husband were able to separate their finances from their children. She found that although it was difficult at times, working closely with her husband to implement a gradual parenting plan that allowed each parent equal access to the kids was the best way to handle her situation. Separating the two as distinct issues helps parents avoid the trap of using their children as leverage in their discussions about finances. Parents do not run the risk of using their kids as bargaining chips in negotiating other disputed issues in their divorce.

Using Mediation to Your Advantage

The divorcing couple in the article mentioned above chose to hire two separate mediators – one for the parenting plan and one for the financial settlement. This strict division of the two issues created a boundary for the two that allowed them to focus on whatever issue they were discussing at the time, with no reference to other issues. In other words, the parents met with a child mediator several times in order to create and implement a parenting plan that gradually allowed the children to become accustomed to spending equal amounts of time with each parent in their separate households. At first, the parents alternated staying with the kids in the family home and living in a nearby apartment. After a few months, they began alternating nights with the children, which allowed them to get used to the mother’s new rental home. Eventually, they settled on a two, two, five, five arrangement, which worked best for their family. The children spend two nights with one parent, followed by two nights with the other parent, and then five nights with each parent.

Opening a Positive Dialogue with Your Ex

In the same article, the writer also mentioned how the very existence of a parenting plan helped open up the lines of communications between the two parents. Although the parenting plan was very complex, the parents sometimes were able to set certain provisions aside and do what really made sense for their schedules and their children. The parenting plan served as a default mechanism that allowed the parties to begin discussing an issue, which often led to the parents being more willing to be flexible with respect to their children.

Call the Law Offices of Vanessa L. Prieto Law Offices, LLC for Help

Raising children is a difficult enough task, but it can become much more complicated when you get divorced. In these types of situations, an experienced Florida divorce attorney can help guide you the process of developing a workable parenting plan, as well give you advice on a fair and equitable division of your assets and debts. Due to the high emotions and stress that tend to accompany the demise of a marriage, you may have a hard time making the right decisions about your children and other extremely important matters. Contact Vanessa L. Prieto Law Offices, LLC, today, and schedule an appointment with your experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyers.

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