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The Best Way To Deal With False Accusations During Your Fort Lauderdale Divorce


Couples who are going through a divorce are generally not on the best terms. In some cases, their relationship may be highly contentious. Unfortunately, in this type of situation, false accusations of marital misconduct or other bad behavior are common. Our Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer offers tips on when this is likely to be a problem and the best way to deal with it while protecting your rights.

False Allegations Common In Fort Lauderdale Divorce Cases

Contrary to myth, false accusations of domestic violence are not common in divorce cases. According to the Psychiatric Times, this type of troubling issue occurs infrequently and typically during highly contentious child time-sharing proceedings.

However, it is common for other types of allegations to be made against a soon-to-be former spouse in a divorce for the purpose of not having to pay alimony or to obtain a better marital property settlement. When this happens, common types of accusations that are likely to be made include:

  • Acts of adultery and affairs;
  • Gambling, alcoholism, and other addictions;
  • Mishandling of family funds;
  • Mismanagement of property or other assets.

These types of accusations are more likely to arise in cases where the decision to get a divorce came as a shock, your spouse does not want to end the marriage, or if they otherwise have significant feelings of bitterness and the desire to get revenge or at least make things more difficult for you.

How To Handle False Divorce Allegations

Under the Florida Statutes, fault grounds are not required to get a divorce in Fort Lauderdale. However, allegations of adultery, addictions, or other misconduct could entitle the accuser to a better share in a divorce settlement. For example, allegations of adultery could impact your rights to alimony payments, while mishandling of marital funds could result in being awarded less than your fair share of marital property and assets.

To protect yourself in this situation, report any type of false allegations to our Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer immediately. These could jeopardize your rights in court and could escalate to the point where they impact your personal safety. Steps you can take to protect yourself include:

  • Avoid meeting with your estranged spouse without your lawyer present;
  • Keep a journal documenting all your interactions with them;
  • Keep copies of texts, voicemails, emails, or other communications;
  • Keep copies of bank statements and other financial records, showing how assets are managed.

In some cases, a spouse will accuse you of the same type of bad behavior that they are actually engaged in. If this happens, gather any evidence possible to prove marital misconduct on their part. If their allegations become aggressive or otherwise make you fear for your safety, notify the police right away.

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