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The Cassie Carli Law: Make Safety A Priority During Fort Lauderdale Child Time Sharing Exchanges


Parents who go through a separation or divorce are often not on the best terms. This can make implementing child time sharing arrangements in Fort Lauderdale more challenging, particularly if the relationship is highly contentious or there are accusations of abuse.

It is important to make safety a top priority in this situation. Our Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer explains a new bill that helps address concerns and offers tips to protect yourself during exchanges.

New Law Provides Protections For Parents During Florida Child Time-Sharing Exchanges

Under the Florida Statutes, child time-sharing is encouraged in cases of divorced or unmarried parents. Even if the relationship between the parties is highly contentious, the court may require a joint parenting plan. Unfortunately, this could put your own safety at risk, particularly during exchanges.

Senate Bill 580 was passed in late February 2024 and is currently waiting to be signed into law. Titled the Safe Exchange of Minor Children Act, it is commonly referred to as the Cassie Carli law. Ms. Carli lived along the Gulf Coast and had left an abusive relationship. However, they had a child together and her former partner was able to negotiate a parenting plan through the family court.

Originally, exchanges were to be conducted at a location some distance from Ms. Carli’s home. However, when her ex offered to meet at a restaurant closer to her residence, she felt pressured to agree. Unfortunately, he kidnapped her from the location and killed her, dumping her body at a property he owned in another state. The new bill provides increased protections, including designated exchange spots at local Sheriff’s Offices.

Protecting Yourself During Child Time-Sharing Exchanges

The Cassie Carli Law is expected to go into effect on July 1, 2024. While it does not require Sheriffs to provide real-time monitoring, it does make video surveillance mandatory. The Florida Institute for Family Violence Studies also provides an extensive list of supervised exchange spots that provide an added level of security at locations across the state.

If you have a child time-sharing order in place and have concerns about your safety during exchanges, take these precautions:

  • Let a family member or friend with you to exchanges;
  • If this is not possible, check in with friends or others before and after;
  • Make sure the exchange location you select is public, has considerable traffic, and surveillance cameras throughout the area;
  • Keep a journal detailing your interactions and any hostile acts or threats your ex may have made;
  • Contact our Fort Lauderdale child time-sharing lawyer to discuss your rights in seeking modifications to your parenting plan.

Contact Our Fort Lauderdale Child Time-Sharing Lawyer Today

Child time-sharing exchanges can put your health and safety at risk. To protect yourself, request a consultation with Fort Lauderdale child time-sharing lawyer Vanessa L. Prieto. We take the legal actions needed to ensure you are protected. Call or contact us online today.





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