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The New Trend in Marriage Dissolution: The Divorce Selfie

Many divorcing couples are turning to a cultural sign of the times to announce the end of their relationship. Divorce selfies are all over social media. Couples are using these pictures to not only tell the world about their new status, but to also demonstrate their intention to remain cooperative for the well being of their families.

As reported by an ABC News affiliate, one Florida couple took their announcement picture right outside of the courthouse. They posted it on Instagram with a caption that reportedly read, “Here’s to the most, friendly, respectful and loving split imaginable.” They explained that they wanted to show their friends and family that they are moving forward respectably. The response from others has been overwhelmingly positive. One Canadian divorce selfie went viral, with more than 36,000 Facebook shares as well as extremely complimentary comments.

Cooperative Divorcing

Contrary to popular opinion, divorce does not have to be contentious. Every year, thousands of couples dissolve their marriages in a respectful and cooperative manner. Experts give the following advice for individuals wanting a cooperative divorce:

  • – Don’t bring your emotions to the table – Nothing breaks down a cooperative negotiation faster than unchecked emotions. Remember that the point of these communications is resolution, not revisiting old arguments and disagreements.
  • – Differentiate between your wants and needs – Don’t rely on your initial thoughts. Sit down and write out a list. Then, rank your wants from most to least important. Identify which wants you are willing to give up for the sake of cooperation and keep in mind that it is very unlikely that you will get everything on your list. Figure out what you need by taking a long, objective look at your finances. Determine how much money is necessary to meet your needs.
  • – Be willing to consider various options – It may sound unlikely, but your spouse may have some good ideas. Open your mind to various alternatives. Your attorney can prove extremely helpful here, by providing you with several different settlement options to consider.
  • – Consider your spouse’s needs and wants – You probably know enough about your     spouse to identify what he wants out of the negotiations and what he needs to live comfortably. Use this information to encourage cooperation. Think about your spouse’s needs as well as your own and work towards a resolution that satisfies both of you. The more considerate you are of your spouse’s situation, the more likely you are to come up with an amicable settlement.

By fostering a cooperative environment for negotiation with your spouse, you can work towards your own friendly and respectful split. Before you know it, you and your ex-spouse will be posting your own divorce selfie.

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