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Three Things To Keep In Mind During Child Time Sharing Negotiations


The Florida courts place a heavy emphasis on ensuring both parents have the chance to develop a strong bond with children while sharing responsibilities before approving parenting and timesharing plans. Unfortunately, even in otherwise amicable divorce proceedings, issues concerning your children are prone to disputes. As your attorney, we can help ensure your rights and interests as a parent are protected through this process. At the same time, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind during negotiations.

Factors To Consider In Parenting Plans

Under Section 61.13(2) of the Florida State Statutes, parenting plans outline how time sharing and child-related responsibilities will be divided between the parents on a daily basis. Issues that often require negotiation before both parties can come to an agreement include:

  • Scheduling: This includes working out a regular time sharing schedule and arrangements for birthdays and holidays, as well as scheduling plans between parents, such as deciding who will pick the child up from school or other activities,
  • Communications: This includes how and when the child will communicate with your former partner when not with them, as well as how you and your ex will communicate with each other as parents;
  • Decision Making: This includes dealing with issues related to the child’s education and religious upbringing, as well as their physical and emotional care.
  • Financial Responsibilities: In addition to basic needs, this includes financial responsibility of each parent in terms of paying medical expenses and educational or recreational costs.

If you do not come to an agreement with your former partner on any of these terms, the court may decide the matter for you, taking into consideration the testimony and evidence presented in your case.

Realizing What Is Important In Parenting Plan Negotiations

A Psychology Today report on states that it is understandable to enter parenting plan negotiations with the attitude that the other parent is the enemy. At the same time, it can delay resolution in your case while being counter-productive to both you and your child’s best interests. The following are three things the report advises parents to keep in mind during these negotiations:

  • Any personal animosity you feel towards your space is largely irrelevant. Other than in cases involving serious allegations of domestic violence or abuse, airing personal grievances will only waste time.
  • The child’s interests come first. Regardless of how you feel about your spouse, the court takes the view that children benefit by forming close bonds with each parent.
  • Any rules you make apply to you as well. It may be tempting to want to impose overly strict rules and limitations regarding how, when, and where your child spends time with the other parent, but remember that you will likely be accountable to these rules as well.

Reach Out to Us for Help

For professional legal guidance in dealing with issues involving children in the Florida courts, contact the Vanessa L. Prieto Law Offices, LLC today. Our experienced attorney understands the disputes that can arise, and provides the compassionate, caring client service you need to ensure you and your child’s rights are protected.



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