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What Are The Top Causes Of Divorce?


All married couples go through hard times occasionally. While some come out the other side even stronger in their relationship, others end up filing for divorce. In these types of cases, there are often underlying factors that make reconciling more difficult, if not impossible. Our experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney details seven of the top causes.

Seven Issues In Your Marriage That Make Divorce More Likely

According to a recent USA Today news report, Florida has one of the highest divorce rates in the country. While disagreements over money and problems such as adultery and addiction are among the leading causes that send couples to divorce court, there are often other issues in the marriage that are likely to appear years earlier and may indicate a greater likelihood of winding up in divorce court. These include:

  1. An inability to communicate with your partner. All couples have problems periodically. Without the ability to discuss these with your partner and work out solutions, minor issues can grow into major resentments.
  2. A lack of intimacy in the marriage. Intimacy refers to more than just sex. It implies a deep connection and a feeling of closeness with your partner. This can carry you through hard times and is difficult to go without.
  3. A lack of emotional support. In addition to intimacy, each party in a marriage needs to feel emotionally supported by their partner. This provides that boost of confidence they need in meeting life’s challenges and their obligations, both in and outside the home.
  4. Falling out of love. According to a study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, over half of all divorcing couples claim that ‘falling out of love’ with their partner was the primary factor in seeking a divorce.
  5. A lack of trust. When adultery or other types of marital misconduct happen, the wronged spouse will often try to forgive their partner. Lack of trust frequently stands in the way. Once trust is lost in your marriage, it can be very difficult to regain it.
  6. No longer seeing your marriage as a partnership. It takes two people to make a marriage work. Without the willingness to work together, couples are less likely to be able to resolve their problems and have a successful marriage.
  7. No longer seeing a future together. A lack of common goals and interests can quickly derail your marriage. In some cases, there may have been warning signs early on or even prior to your marriage that you had deep compatibility issues and wanted different things out of life.

The above types of problems can be worked through with your spouse. However, to protect yourself and your future best interests, it is a good idea to discuss the situation with an experienced divorce attorney.

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