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What to Do When Your Parental Rights Are in Jeopardy


For parents going through a contested divorce, decisions made over the care and custody of children are a major concern. In an uncontested case, the parents may be able to agree on a child time-sharing plan which respects both their roles in the child’s life and allows them the time needed to form a strong relationship. In situations where the parents are embroiled in battles and disputes, one of them could find their rights severely limited. The following highlights how these types of decisions are made and what you can do to make sure your parental rights are protected.

Child Time-Sharing In Florida 

In Florida, the court generally prefers child time sharing plans in cases of divorce which allow both parents to spend time with their child on a regular basis. If the parents involved are not able to reach an agreement regarding a time sharing plan on their own, the court may intervene and issue a court order. Under the Florida Statutes, factors the court will consider include:

  • Both the current and previous relationship between each parent and the child;
  • Each parents ability to provide for the child’s physical, financial, and emotional needs;
  • The parents willingness to cooperate in creating a parenting plan and in abiding by any court orders issued;
  • Any current or past issues, such as mental health problems and drug or alcohol addiction, that could impact the child or put them in jeopardy.

Other factors that could be a consideration in these cases include the parent’s current living situation, their moral fitness and overall character,  and the amount of time they would be able to spend with the child or whether they would need to rely on third party providers.

Strengthening Your Child Time Sharing Case

In order to defend your rights as a parent in child time sharing matters, you need to show that you have the child’s best interests at heart and are able to act in a way that puts them and their well being first. Very Well Family offers some practical tips you can follow:

  • Show respect in court proceedings. Dressing appropriately, appearing on time, and be respectful in speaking to the judge and court personnel.
  • Have the necessary documents prepared. Items such as parenting plans and financial disclosures play important roles in the judge’s decisions.
  • Comply with the terms of any current agreements. Take any actions, such as attending guidelines or having a home inspection, that the court recommends.
  • Do not drag children into disputes with the other parent. Refrain from bad mouthing your former partner in front of your child or using your child to send messages or to vent about the court case.

Contact Us Today for Assistance

Legal matters impacting your parental rights can jeopardize relationships with your children for years to come. At the law firm of attorney Vanessa L. Prieto, we provide the strong legal defense you need. Reach out and contact our Fort Lauderdale time-sharing attorney today and request a consultation to see how we can help you.


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