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How To Bring Up The Idea Of A Prenuptial Agreement


Recently engaged? Congratulations! This is an exciting time for you and your partner. Between the flush of romance and well wishes from family and friends, you are likely making some big plans regarding your wedding day. While it is natural to want it to be perfect in every way, you want to give some thought to practical matters that will impact you as a married couple in the aftermath. One of the best ways to address important issues that are likely to arise over the course of your marriage is by making a prenuptial agreement. Unfortunately, this can be a sensitive subject for some people. The following offers tips for bringing up the idea and explains why it is so important.

Dispelling Myths About Prenups

Despite the fact that a steadily increasing number of couples today are creating prenuptial agreements as part of their wedding planning, there is still some stigma about bringing the topic up. This is largely due to myths about what a prenup is and what it says about your relationship.

According to a 2021 study by the Journal Of Family And Economic Issues, people are more likely to react negatively to the idea of a prenuptial agreement due to common misconceptions, such as:

  • Wanting a prenup indicates doubts about the relationship;
  • Having a prenup means you are more likely to get a divorce;
  • Prenuptial agreements generally favor one spouse over the other;
  • If you sign a prenup, you will be surrendering your rights.

In reality, the sentiments expressed above could not be further from the truth. In order to be valid, a prenuptial agreement protects the rights of both parties in a marriage and can be easily overturned in court if it is determined to favor one spouse over the other. In terms of indicating doubts or spelling doom for your marriage, a prenup can actually help prevent divorce by encouraging open and honest discussions about money, one of the most common topics couples fight over.

Emphasizing The Benefits Of A Prenuptial Agreement

Under the Florida Statutes, prenuptial agreements can help in addressing a variety of important issues relevant to marriage. Once you dispel common myths, emphasize the potential benefits a prenup can provide. These include:

  • It paves the way for open communications about money, a topic that is uncomfortable for many couples.
  • By requiring each party to submit an inventory of all individually owned assets and debts, it provides transparency.
  • A prenup clarifies your financial goals, uncovering attitudes about money, savings, expected lifestyle, and other important issues.
  • It addresses important estate planning issues, making sure your spouse is provided for in case of unexpected events.

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