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“My Ex Is Threatening To Keep My Children”


Child time-sharing is a common source of disputes, particularly when the parents do not get along. Unfortunately, children can end up getting caught in the middle. In some cases, there may be legal justification for limiting a parent’s access to a child. In others, failing to adhere to parenting plans previously put in place poses major problems. Our Fort Lauderdale family lawyer explains the best course of action in each situation.

Legal Justification For Limiting Contact For Children

Under the Florida Statutes, child time-sharing arrangements are encouraged by the court in cases where parents are getting divorced or are single and living apart from one another. The goal is to ensure that both parties remain active and involved in the child’s life. However, the top priority for the court is protecting the child’s safety and overall best interests.

In some cases, there may be legal justification for limiting the amount of parenting time awarded. Common examples include:

  • When one of the parents has not previously played an active role in the child’s life;
  • When there are issues with drug and alcohol addiction;
  • When there are allegations of criminal behavior, which could put the child at risk;
  • In cases involving child neglect or abuse and other situations that could ultimately endanger the child.

If the other parent is threatening to keep your child due to any of the above or other legal causes, there are actions you can take to protect your parental rights. Get legal representation immediately, seek counseling or other help in dealing with personal problems, be consistent in providing for and nurturing your child, and comply with any instructions issued by the court.

When You Ex Refuses To Comply With Your Child Time Sharing Order

Unfortunately, there are situations in which a child time-sharing order has been put in place through the Broward County Family Court, but one of the parents starts making threats or otherwise refuses to comply. When facing this type of situation, contact our Fort Lauderdale child time-sharing lawyer immediately.

We may be able to request a modification of the parenting plan, limiting the other party’s rights, in the following types of situations:

  • If the other parent refuses to return the child at the appropriate time;
  • If they threaten to keep the child permanently and in violation of the court order;
  • If they threaten to move out of town with your child, without making the required arrangements with the court first;
  • If they behave in a hostile manner towards you and attempt to turn the child against you or undermine your parental authority.

Contact Our Fort Lauderdale Child Time-Sharing Lawyer

Any type of threat made by one parent against the other is a serious matter and requires immediate legal action. To protect your rights, your child, and your relationship with them, get Fort Lauderdale child time-sharing lawyer Vanessa L. Prieto on your side. Give us a call or contact us online to schedule a consultation today.




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