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NBA Player Seeks Sole Custody of Child

Indiana Pacers All-Star Paul George, may be seeking sole custody of a New York woman’s child, according to the player’s court petition. Daniela Rajic, the child’s mother, originally filed for sole custody of their two-month-old child, citing George’s hectic travel schedule as making him incapable of carrying out his parental duties.

George has filed a petition stating that if a paternity test determines that he is the child’s father, he will seek sole custody. Although a prenatal paternity test indicated that there is a 99.9 percent probability that George is biological father, George is seeking an additional test due to suspicions regarding the accuracy of the first test.

In the petition, George states that equal sharing of parental duties would be harmful for the child. The document also states that George has the financial resources and means to be a better parent to the child than Rajic, who is currently unemployed. The petition would permit very restricted time-sharing of parenting duties. According to Rajic’s lawyer, the child’s mother is unemployed only because she is caring for the two-month old child full-time — a fact that should not cause her to be labeled an unfit mother.

Child custody issues can be very complex, requiring careful consideration of several different factors. For this reason, child custody negotiations are best handled with the help of an experienced divorce lawyer. If you are going through a divorce that will require a child custody agreement, contact a Fort Lauderdale family law attorney to explore your best legal options.

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