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Ready to Begin Dating After Divorce?


Going through a divorce is challenging emotionally and financially. Issues that occurred during your marriage and in divorce proceedings may have left you feeling hurt, angry, and resentful. Meanwhile, having to reenter the workforce or adapting to living on one income rather than two may have dramatically changed your lifestyle. Despite how it feels now, you will eventually bounce back after getting a divorce and dating will become an option. If you are wondering if you are ready or if the time is right, the following are important issues you want to consider.

Picking the Right Time to Begin Dating After Divorce

The amount of time needed to recover from divorce varies depending on the individual and the circumstances involved. Even when couples are amicable about deciding to end the marriage, it can take time to adjust and there may still be important issues to be dealt with in negotiating a settlement. In cases where there were major problems during the marriage, such as acts of adultery or domestic violence, or bitter fighting between the couple during divorce proceedings, you will likely need additional time to heal.

In addition to the time it takes you to heal from the breakup of a relationship, there are other important factors to consider before dating:

  • Your motivations: Be sure you are not simply trying to ‘replace’ your spouse, get revenge on them, or dating because you are uncomfortable or afraid to be alone.
  • Whether your divorce has been finalized: Dating during divorce proceedings is a bad idea. It can take your attention away from important matters at hand. In addition, under the Florida Statutes it could impact your rights in any resulting divorce settlement.
  • Your children: If there were children from the marriage, helping them adjust may take all your time and energy, particularly in the early recovery period.

Preparing Yourself For Dating After Divorce 

It is natural to want to move on with your life after divorce and find someone to spend time with. Taking a few simple steps to prepare yourself can help ensure you have the proper attitude towards dating and make smart dating choices. Psychology Today recommends focusing on the following areas:

  • Build a support network: Having strong ties and relationships with family and friends will keep you from feeling vulnerable and less likely to settle for less than you deserve in a dating relationship.
  • Address low self-esteem: Divorce can deal a heavy blow to your confidence and self-esteem. Taking time to address these issues will positively impact future dating relationships.
  • Engage in healthy behaviors: Establish new relationships around healthy behaviors rather than unhealthy ones, such as promiscuity or excessive drinking.

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