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Should You Invest In A Divorce Coach?


The circumstances surrounding a divorce can take a heavy toll on your physical and mental health. It is natural to need extra support and want someone to discuss your feelings freely with. Divorce coaching is a relatively new field that offers these services. Our Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer weighs in on the pros and cons and whether it is worth the investment.

The Pros and Cons Of Divorce Coaching

In 2008, a Florida couple quit their respective jobs and created a new professional for themselves as divorce coaches. Since that time, they have trained thousands of other people to follow in their footsteps. According to a June 29th, 2023 WESH News report, the couple reasoned that, as there are coaches for just about everything else in life, they could fill an important need.

Going through a divorce and all the life changes associated with it is never easy. Even if you and your spouse are on relatively amicable terms, there may be complicated feelings involved and important practical issues that must be resolved. Divorce coaching promises to provide a listening ear and emotional support. While this may sound appealing, keep in mind some of the drawbacks:

  • Divorce coaching is expensive: Sessions typically cost $150 per hour or more.
  • Divorce coaches are not licensed therapists: While divorce coaches encourage sharing of feelings and offer advice, they are not licensed professionals.
  • Divorce coaches are not legal professionals: As many divorce coaches lack a legal background, they may not be familiar with the laws that apply in your case. Only a licensed attorney can give legal advice.
  • There is no oversight in the field: Divorce coaching is a new field, and there are no laws or national associations to set standards or provide oversight. Those using the service should be cautious in sharing any personal details.

Is A Divorce Coach Worth The Investment?

Divorce coaches typically do not have formal qualifications. While they may be able to provide a listening ear and general advice, they lack legal knowledge of the Florida Statutes and how they apply in different situations. As a result, meeting with a divorce coach should never be used as a substitute for discussing the details surrounding your case with an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer.

While divorce coaching may be an option if you are simply looking for support and a listening ear, keep in mind there may be other, more practical options:

  • Discussing your divorce with a family member or friend;
  • Hiring a licensed therapist to deal with unresolved feelings;
  • Joining support groups, which are available either online or in person;
  • Reading one of the many divorce support books available.

Request A Consultation With Our Experienced Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer

For caring support and knowledgeable legal guidance throughout the divorce process, reach out to experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Vanessa L. Prieto. To discuss the details surrounding your specific case, call or contact our office and request a confidential consultation today.




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