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Social Media Posts Can Prove Disastrous When Getting A Divorce In Fort Lauderdale


Social media is a common way for people to keep in touch and can play a crucial role in picking up extra income or establishing yourself in a business. It is important to use caution, though, particularly if you are getting a divorce. Our Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer explains how certain types of posts can prove disastrous in protecting your rights and obtaining the best possible settlement.

How Social Media Can Negatively Impact Your Rights In A Fort Lauderdale Divorce

Social media usage can have negative impacts. According to Psychology Today, it is a contributing factor in one out of every five divorces. Online affairs, jealousy over social media ‘friends’ or followers, and general disengagement with real-life relationships can all make divorce more likely to happen.

Once a divorce petition is filed, continuing to post regularly on social media can also negatively impact your rights in final settlements or divorce orders. Among the most common detrimental effects include:

  • Increasing animosity between former spouses: Posting inflammatory comments about your spouse, their behavior during your marriage, or the fabulous life you are living without them now is unlikely to make dealing with them or negotiating a settlement any easier.
  • Oversharing about pertinent issues in your case: Posts admitting to marital affairs, confessing to hiding certain types of property or assets from your spouse, and even bragging about your income and current financial resources can all end up impacting your rights in divorce proceedings.
  • Jeopardizing the best interests of children: Child time-sharing arrangements are generally encouraged by the court. However, under the Florida Statutes, factors a judge will consider when approving a parenting plan is each party’s ability to put their children’s best interests first and cooperate with one another. Your posts could provide evidence that works against you in these proceedings.

Social Media ‘Rules’ When Getting A Fort Lauderdale Divorce

Considering the potential for social media to provide evidence your spouse can use against you when filing for a divorce through the Broward County Family Court, it makes sense to follow some informal rules when it comes to posting. These include:

  • Consider disabling your accounts until your divorce is finalized: This is the best way to avoid having information on social media be used against you.
  • Set profile pages to private: If disabling your accounts is not an option, be sure and set personal profile pages to private.
  • Restrict tagging: In your security settings, make sure others are unable to tag you in their posts, pictures, or videos.
  • Avoid discussing your divorce: Refrain from posting anything about your divorce, your current financial situation, or your spouse.

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