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What Can You Do to Stop a Stalker?


Receiving attention from admirers or members of the opposite sex can be flattering. Unfortunately, it can quickly turn frightening if they begin following you or showing up at your home, work, school, or in other public places. As stalking is a common type of domestic violence and often a prelude to more aggressive actions, it is important to be aware of the steps needed to protect yourself.

Situations Involving Stalking In Fort Lauderdale

Having people follow you around, hounding and harassing you is not something that only happens to celebrities. Romantic partners, people who you encounter at work or school, and even those you meet online can end up engaging in this disturbing behavior. Under Section 784.048 of the Florida Statutes, stalking is considered any type of action on the part of another that causes you emotional distress and serves no legitimate purpose. There are three common ways in which stalking often occurs:

  • When someone is following you: This involves them following you either on foot or via a vehicle to and from your home or while you are at work or engaged in other activities.
  • When someone harasses you: Harassment may consist of harassing calls, emails, letters, packages, or any type of unwanted communications.
  • When you fall victim to cyberstalking: With the amount of information available over the internet and the increase in social media usage, cyberstalking has become very common. It may consist of unwanted communications or efforts to hack into your private email, website, or other online accounts.

Stalking may be committed by people who are relative strangers or by friends, former romantic partners, co-workers, or acquaintances. It can also involve a spouse, former spouse, or someone you live with or have a child by. In these situations, stalking is considered a form of domestic violence.

How Do I Get a Restraining Order Against a Stalker?

Being stalked by another person is a terrifying experience. Unfortunately, it can also open the door to increasingly hostile and violent actions. If you are a victim of stalking, you need to take immediate action to protect yourself.

Requesting an injunction to prevent stalking through the Florida Family Court is an important first step. Otherwise known as a restraining order, this prohibits your stalker from following you, harassing you, or communicating with you online or through any other means. To get a restraining order, you will need to appear in court and submit the appropriate legal documents. You will also need to identify or give a description of the suspect and the ways in which they are stalking you. Once in place, they can be arrested if they violate the order.

Let Us Help You Today

As an experienced Fort Lauderdale domestic violence attorney, Vanessa L. Prieto provides the trusted legal guidance you need in getting a restraining order put in place. As this is a crucial step in protecting yourself and your safety, do not delay. Call or contact our office online today to request a confidential consultation.


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