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Will My Spouse Get Half Of Everything In A Fort Lauderdale Divorce?


You work hard for a living and have managed to build a good life for yourself. Unfortunately, what seemed like a happy marriage at first can easily change over the years. Filing for a divorce in Fort Lauderdale may be your best option in some cases, or your spouse may have already taken the first step, serving you with a divorce petition.

In either situation, a common concern is whether the other party is entitled to half of everything you own in a divorce settlement. Our Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer explains your rights in this situation and how to protect yourself.

Your Rights Concerning Marital Property and Assets In A Fort Lauderdale Divorce

Marital property division is a major issue that must be resolved in any divorce. It can be particularly sensitive if the couple owns homes, antiques, valuable artwork, luxury vehicles, or other types of assets, as well as when considerable amounts are invested or in different financial accounts.

Under the Florida Statutes, marital property in a Fort Lauderdale divorce is subject to the rule of equitable division. This means that rather than each spouse receiving an equal share, the court aims for an arrangement that is fair to both in light of all the circumstances involved. Factors a judge is likely to consider in your case include:

  • The length of the marriage;
  • Each spouse’s individual income;
  • Their contributions in accumulating and maintaining marital assets;
  • Whether one of the spouses engaged in marital misconduct.

Common types of marital misconduct in a Fort Lauderdale divorce that could impact either spouse’s rights regarding property division include adultery, mental cruelty, and addictions, such as gambling, alcohol, or drugs.

Protecting Your Rights In Fort Lauderdale Divorce Property Division

If you were the primary breadwinner in your marriage or you otherwise played a major role in accumulating the majority of property and assets you and your spouse possess, you are justified in being concerned about property division in a Fort Lauderdale divorce.

Your spouse is not automatically entitled to half of everything you own, but they could end up taking a significant share. To protect your rights in this situation, follow these steps:

  • Make a thorough inventory of all property you own, including when it was purchased and the current value;
  • Make a thorough list of all premarital property you possess that is not subject to equitable division in divorce;
  • Make a list of all assets, including money in financial accounts, online businesses, and retirement benefits;
  • Review bank statements, property records, and past tax returns, which can often reveal hidden assets or income.

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