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Actor Burt Reynolds Ordered to Pay $154K in Alimony

A judge recently ordered well-known actor Burt Reynolds to pay his ex-wife, Loni Anderson, more than $154,000 in alimony.

Reynolds and Anderson divorced in 1993. Reynolds, now 78 years old, originally agreed to pay Anderson a lump sum of $234,794.13, but Anderson later claimed she only received some of that alimony. Reynolds declared bankruptcy shortly after the divorce; at the time, he still owed Anderson approximately $97,000. That amount, recalculated to include the interest accrued over the last 21 years, has increased to $154,520.98. It appears that Reynolds’ finances are still in disarray, however, as the actor recently lost both his Florida home and 153-acre ranch.

For those seeking past-due alimony compensation, the news that Reynolds was ordered to pay alimony after more than two decades is a reassuring sign. In Florida, the statute of limitations for alimony arrears ends 20 years from the due date of the last alimony payment — for example, monthly alimony payments have been ordered for five years, the last ordered payment would not be considered a judgment until four years, 11 months after the first order date.

In that same example, an alimony recipient could seek arrears up to 25 years from the divorce decree date, allowing five years for the support to be due in full and 20 years for the statute of limitations to expire.

If you are struggling to collect alimony arrears from a former spouse, an experienced family law attorney may help you through this complicated process. Speak with an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer to learn more about your options.  

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