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Child Time Sharing Checklist


Having a relationship with both parents is generally in the best interests of children. Unfortunately, there are situations which can put them at risk. For parents who are divorced or otherwise not living together, it is important to remain vigilant in regards to any child time sharing arrangements that are made. The following two checklists can help you during this time. One addresses important issues in your case while the other helps when putting a parenting plan in place.

Checklist For Child Time Sharing Proceedings

Under guidelines provided by the Florida Statutes, the goal of the court in cases where parents are living separate and apart is to ensure both remain active and engaged in their child’s life. This is typically accomplished through child time sharing plans, which allocate parental responsibility between the two parties involved.

In determining arrangements that are in your child’s best interests, there are numerous factors the judge will consider. These include the child’s age, the current and prior relationship between each parent, and the parents’ ability to cooperate with one another. The following checklist details what you need to do to prepare for these proceedings:

  • Jot down a brief timeline of events that occurred between you and your former partner, from the time the child was born to the current situation;
  • Make note of the duties you and the other person each assumed as parents;
  • Document any special needs your child has and factors that could influence the other parent’s ability to provide for them;
  • Detail any incidents that may have put your child at risk over the years, such as abandonment, addiction, or abuse on the part of the other parent.

Checklist For Creating A Parenting Plan

Unless there are valid concerns regarding the child’s safety and general well-being, each parent will likely be afforded certain rights in terms of spending time with the child. Florida parenting plans detail these arrangements, determining where the child will reside during the week, the amount of time the other parent has for visitation, pick-up and drop-off arrangements, and how holidays, birthdays, and other special events will be handled. Use the following checklist to guide you when making these arrangements:

  • Make a list of school, sports, and recreational activities your child engages in, so that parenting time schedules can be worked around them.
  • Make note of their friends and social activities they engage in, as well as how parenting time could impact these.
  • Detail specific rules that should be followed while the child is in the other parent’s care in regards to food, school work, online activities, bed time, and other important matters.
  • Detail how changes in scheduling should be dealt with and how any disputes between you and the other parent will be resolved.

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