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COVID-19 Likely To Impact Summer Child Time Sharing Plans


During the warm weather months when children are out of school, child time sharing schedules typically undergo major changes. Working parents often rely heavily on community care and summer camps. If one parent is the primary caregiver, the other will generally be allowed extended visits during the next few months. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic continues to create problems and may require changes in your plans. The following details common concerns and how to handle difficulties that arise.

Managing Summer Care Amidst Ongoing Coronavirus Concerns

Parents have had to be flexible over the past several months as the threat of the pandemic and related school closures resulted in major changes to parenting plans. Unfortunately, this is likely to continue on some level over the summer months. According to a May 2020 Local 10 News report, Broward County will not be hosting any of its usual daycare and summer camp services at local facilities due to ongoing concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

While cases of COVID-19 in Florida are slowly declining and businesses are reopening, parents are likely to run into many pandemic related glitches over the summer months. Reduced staffing and concerns over legal liability and disinfecting practices have caused many summer camp programs to remain closed. As these often supplement child care for working parents, other arrangements will need to be made. One or the other parent may be able to arrange for more flexible work scheduling or local day care businesses may be relied on more heavily. Steps you should take now to ensure you are ready for possible changes include:

  • Review the terms of your parenting plan;
  • Determine where alternative arrangements will need to be made;
  • Determine how flexible the other parent will likely be in working through challenges;
  • Consult with your child time sharing attorney regarding potential problems that may arise.

Handling Extended Visits This Summer

For parents who live relatively close to one another, summer may require continued flexibility in dealing with child care arrangements. For those who live further distances apart, concerns over extended visits could create larger problems.

While many states are seeing a steady decline in COVID-19 cases, Propublica reports others are now experiencing increases. Even if the other parent resides in Florida, some counties are struggling more than others in terms of managing the pandemic. If you are faced with this type of situation, steps you can take to protect your child include:

  • Check government websites to determine the situation where the other parent lives;
  • Discuss your concerns with the other parent and what precautions they intend to take;
  • Determine whether it might be best to delay or cancel the planned visit;
  • Consult with our attorney if the other parent is unwilling to be flexible or cooperate.

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